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Public Relations Plan

Marketing experts always claim that a well planned public relations campaign is often more effective as compared to advertising. Public relations is in most cases confused with merchandising, advertising, promotion or other buzz words that are used in marketing communication. Public relations involve doing something newsworthy which one wants to communicate and telling the audience what you have done. Most common public relation vehicles include briefs, news release and so on. This paper will look at developing public relations plan. It will highlight on mix of media that can be used in the implementation of a public relations campaign and a detailed explanation of the objectives for each of these media will also look at how an organization can take advantage of community relations in order to generate positive publicity. Government relation tactics as part of the organization's public relations campaign and how these tactics will help achieve the set objectives will also be highlighted . A news release draft to be used in the public relations campaign will be presented. Finally, it will look at how exactly with the content, style and essentials of the news release help in persuading the public to the organizations point-of-view.

Mix of media used to implement public relations campaign and objectives for each media form

Media mix refers to different types of advertising channels that an organization uses to communicate with its audience so as to fulfill a campaign as outlined in that particular media plan. The media mix is the aggregate amount of advertising which an agency, an advertising company or a media buyer has put on budget for a particular advertising strategy and media plan. The goal of any campaign is ensuring that the organization gets the appropriate message to its intended target audience in the most efficient and fastest way possible. Therefore the best media mix for the public relations campaign depends greatly on demographics of the organizations target market. A multimedia PR campaign as a planned and action oriented public relations programs are formed on the basis of a judicious media -- mix whose aim is persuading target audience towards the accomplishment of the objectives that are set in the organization. According to (McFarlin, 2010), there are different types of media mix which can be used to implement public relations campaigns including; radio, TV, print and online advertising. This involves airing public relations campaigns in radio stations. This involves airing of information about the organization to the public through radio stations. The objective of using radio for public relations campaigns is reaching numbers of people since it is a very large form of media that can reach a large number of people at a go. TV is another form of media that can be used in public relations campaigns .it includes programs aired on Television stations that give information about the company in most cases portraying the positive side of the organization. This includes airing documentaries of the works the organization is involved in especially towards community development. The main objective of this media is reaching a large audience using visual aids so as to convince the audience more about the organization. Radio and TV campaigns are the same in the sense that they involve notifications being sent out to programs which are related to what is being promoted. The other media channel that can be used is print media; this involves newspapers, and magazines where information on the organization is printed out for readers. The print campaigns comprise of a process in which a public relations representative sends out press releases to various media outlets .these release promote change in a company, a new product or a new service that the company has launched. The objective of this media is also to reach as many people as possible who might be too busy to listen to the radio or watch TV or those who are fond of magazines and newspapers. The final media is online advertising this involves creation of websites and use of social media for public relations campaigns. The objective of using online advertising is so as to reach a large part of the target audience since so many people are using the internet every day. Every generation of decision makers relies heavily on the internet all the media mixes have to include some percentage of online advertising methods. The best mix for an organization is one that is heavy on TV and online advertising or a mix where there is equal use of TV and online advertising (Rinrattanakorn, 2009).

Taking advantage of community relations to generate positive publicity for an organization

Community relations play a big role when it comes to generation of positive publicity for an organization. Community relations refer to how the organization relates to the community in the course of its organization can enhance community relations through taking part in activities of the community this include taking part in community development projects through financing the organization can also sponsor students in a community through education through programs such as awarding scholarships to them. Organizations can also social amenities in the community such as schools, hospitals, social halls and so on. When an organization is involved in community activities especially in development projects it creates a positive picture for the organization among members of the community (Rinrattanakorn, 2009).The members of the community will relate the organization to positive things and the perception of the community towards the organization will be a positive on. Therefore we can say that positive publicity for an organization can only be generated if the organization builds on positive community relations through taking part in development of the community.

Government relations tactics used as part of your public relations campaign, and how these tactics help achieve objectives

A government in any nation plays a crucial role in the operation and activities of an organization. This is because the government has a direct influence on the operations of an organization through various ways like taxes, operation licenses, setting rules and regulations for operations of businesses and so on. Government relations for an organization are systematic efforts that are used to influence policies to the government to help achieve specific objectives or project particular interest in the public which reflect well on the organization and the decision makers who are involved. Some of the tools and organization can use to enhance public relations tactics include interacting and maintaining good relations with legislative representatives in an area, lobbying during making of policies, organizing formal dinners with public officials, press releases sent to publicize stand of organizations and so on. Good government relations help in achieving the objectives of the organization through protection of the interests of the organization, having a voice in what is enacted by the legislation and playing part in the determination of government fiscal policies and taxation. The objectives of an organization carrying out public relations campaigns in relation to the government include enduring cooperation between the government and the organization, synthesizing the interests of the organization and those of the government and working partnership and mutual cooperation between the organization and the government all which are achieved through the government relations tactics. Government relations tactics should therefore be included as part of public relations campaigns for every organization..

News release that you will use in your public relations campaign




Name; Jean Williams

Address 50054, New York

Phone no.4476529000



Ladies shoes and accessories

New York, 28 April 2014

The organization aims at introducing new products to its line of already existing products. These products are aimed young ladies .The new products will include shoes and accessories and ladies. These products will be launched on 1st may at the…

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