Quality Management Developing, Implementing, And Business Plan

Excerpt from Business Plan :

A series of meetings and interviews following the dissemination of these published materials will allow all questions and concerns to be raised prior to final design approval and implementation. Any changes made following suggestions and/or demands made by various leadership individuals during these meetings and interviews will also be delivered to other major stakeholders as a means of achieving consistency and concurrent approval for all proposed changes and the overall development plan.

The deliverables for the proposed consolidation and quality control management will be largely tangible in nature. Reduced expenses and more simplified communication hierarchies will both form important aspects of the proposed projects results. The quality control aspects of this projects, however, will be almost entirely intangible and deliverables in this area will consists of improved efficiency in operations and greater knowledge and oversight of day-to-day operations amongst NAVFAC leadership and individual leadership in the remaining departments. The breadth and scope of these deliverables will include almost every aspect of the organization's operations, altering the reporting procedures as well as hierarchies of command in NAVFAC to at least some degree.


The design of the proposed changes that would be implemented as a part of this project has already taken into account the needs and capabilities of NAVFAC and the other organizations it serves. This design will only become more refined and effective during the planning and approval phases as input from key stakeholders is incorporated into the design. During the implementation of this plan, efficiency will be constantly analyzed through measures of new financial drains presented by the costs of consolidation as compared to the long-term cost savings created by such consolidation, and will also be measured against improvements in productivity and overall efficacy within the organization.

The primary performance characteristics that ill be assessed as a part of the overall evaluation...
...These characteristics will be measured on at least a weekly basis during the implementation of these changes, and more often as is practical and/or necessary. Through such performance measures, certain areas of the program design that might be lacking in efficacy and/or efficiency can be identified and altered in ways to bring them in line with the larger program goals, with adjustments continuing as necessary until the goals for quality control management and efficiency improvement within the NAVFAC organization are met.


As part of the ongoing efforts to improve quality and efficiency within the NAVFAC organization and in the various military branches as a whole, measurements of specific contributions to these goals made by specific departments and personnel within the organization will be assessed. Resistance to the implemented changes will doubtless cause a lack of efficiency, or a least a less significant improvement in efficiency over that which might be expected, and adjustments and/or terminations will be made as necessary. Leadership involvement is key to the success of the proposed changes and of the organization as a whole; without effective involvement of leadership no proposed project will achieve its stated goals. Direct rewards for achievement and assistance in bringing about this project will be fairly scant, however promotions and other long-term benefits and rewards will certainly be considered for leadership and other personnel as a result of evidenced dedication and effort to making the several changes proposed herein an effective reality.

The overall quality of project processed must necessarily be assessed over the long-term. Given the wide variety and scope of NAVFAC's operations, it could take some time before the true efficacy of the proposed changes is known. With the elimination of certain programs and consolidation of others, NAVFAC cannot help but cut back its operations from their current state but continued success will depend on the organizations ability to carry out necessary operations despite losses and cutbacks with the organization. It is hoped that this will be understood and well received by those at Headquarters with the responsibility and authority to make these decisions.

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