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What are 3 ways to evaluate a health leader's performance and 3 ways to evaluate an organizations performance. Please explain.

Evaluating a health leader's performance can be evaluating along organizational goals and how they are move the healthcare organization towards these objectives. Another measure could be a quality of care metric or an evaluation of health outcomes. Finally, there is generally some measurement of financial information that is used to make sure the organization is operating profitably.

The organization will also have to use some set of financial measures to ensure that it provides an adequate return to the investors. However other measures that the organization could use would be customer satisfaction levels as gauged by feedback from patients most likely gathered by survey data. Finally, another common benchmark for organizations are some set of performance metrics such as wait time for patients or even something like employee satisfaction or the turnover rate of employees.

2. What is the Iron triangle? What is the managed care quaternion and how does it relate to the parity of health care model.

"The Iron Triangle" is a term coined to describe the relationship between cost, quality, and access in all sorts of institutions because you can't affect one aspect without affecting the other two aspects, it is a concept full of trade-offs (Johnson, 2012). For...


What is leadership development, succession planning, mentoring and coaching?

Leadership development refers to the process of preparing someone for a leadership role as well as continuing to improve their performance once they reach a leadership position. Often when a leader is planning to retire or leave the organization, a replacement will be chosen and succession planning will allow the new leader to be better prepared to fill the role. The current leader can mentor and coach the new individual by transferring their knowledge and helping the leader to be effective in the new role.

2. What is the fair labor standards act, Civil rights act, equal pay act of 1963, ADA Act and equal employment opportunity act. Please explain.

The fair labor standards act established the forty-hour work week as well as a national minimum wage. The Civil rights act prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex,…

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