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Racial discrimination and prejudice has been a widely used theme in American literature, especially in the twentieth century. Few writers, however, have been able to provoke the reader into experiencing the trauma and distress that racial prejudice causes. The few who have managed to do so have succeeded largely by virtue of their ability to put to good use the techniques of good writing. One such technique is the use of illustrations that help readers visualize clearly the emotions and feelings of sufferers from racial prejudice. Indeed,...


Instead, he concentrates on describing his personal experiences of being feared and avoided merely because he was a "youngish black man...six feet two inches with a beard...." (Staples, p.352) Indeed, Staples succeeds in horrifying his readers precisely because he stays away from expressing any anger. As he observes, "I came to doubt the virtues of intimidation early on. I chose...timid,…

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Staples, B. "Black Men and Public Space." The Rinehart Reader. Wyrick, J. ed. Third

Edition. P. 352-355.

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