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Infertility Reasons

When a woman cannot get pregnant or can get pregnant but cannot keep the baby to term, the reasons for this can very a lot. The author of this report found a website that describes the reasons and the details behind them. This report will briefly describe the process that must generally happen and what can get in the way along the way. Quite often, it is a problem of ovulation and the egg of the woman getting to where it needs to go. However, there are other reasons why infertility may exist. While it may be fairly easy to generalize, there is more than one possible explanation in all cases until something is proven or at least presumed.

Infertility Explanation for Women

There are four general things that must happen for a woman to get pregnant and a lot of them involve a man to one degree or another. They are as follows:

The woman must release an egg from one of her ovaries

The egg must go through the fallopian tube to the uterus

A man's sperm must fertilize the egg along the way

The fertilized egg must attached to the inside of the uterus (Women's Health, 2015).

If a woman cannot get pregnant, it might be...


It is not possible to know by assuming or guessing. About ten percent of the women in the United States (about six million people) are unable to get pregnant or stay pregnant once they are already pregnant. These women range in age from fifteen to forty-four years old (Women's Health, 2015).

Reasons for a woman not being able to get or stay pregnant is due to one or more of the following:

Ovulation issues



Excessive alcohol use

Poor diet

Athletic training


Sexually transmitted diseases

Health issues with hormones and such (pituitary, etc.) (Women's Health, 2015)


The main question, as least as it relates to women's health issues and staying pregnant, is what the main cause of pregnancy failures are. It can be a hormonal thing up to and including the pituitary gland. However, it can also be an issue with the ovaries, the eggs, the fallopian tubes or the way the egg acts in the uterus. Each case is different and the answer for what is going on…

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