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¶ … workplace profile, the analysis of the organization, and the development of the organization. Accompanying this report as separate submissions will be a PowerPoint that presents change in a way to inspire action and a personal reflection. While the organization under assessment in this report is far from perfect, there are a lot of things that they are doing quite well and they are well-positioned to do big things in the future.

Organizational Assessment

To get this out of the way in advance, the author of this report does not work for the organization in question but got to observe the company with the condition that the name and industry of the company was kept anonymous. Of course, the author of this reported wanted full access so this was complied with in full detail. Even so, there will be a complete and full assessment of what is known and what was observed about the company. With that out of the way, the basic definition of the company will be offered. The company in question is a Fortune 500 regular and has been around for a number of years. The wider organization is broken down into core business units and those units are based on the size of the customer in question. Whether it be the headcount of the organization or the revenue size, there are three basic divisions. Those divisions are small businesses, medium-sized businesses and large businesses. There are exceptions, but the small businesses are usually "mom and pop" or otherwise small operations that are fairly local in terms of their reach and business sphere. Medium-sized businesses are more likely to be online and/or more regional in nature rather than just limited to a single city or suburb. National businesses often have a national scope and quite often have an international reach in terms of their suppliers, partners and so forth. Even with those trends, there are always outliers (Ekore, 2014). There are some very large businesses that keep their scope very local and there are some small businesses that reach out very far. In short, the clients served by this business are extremely varied and so forth. This does not matter a whole lot in that the company being observed in this report is in the business of outsourcing. They fulfill a core task that pretty much every business has to deal with to some degree or another but, and this is especially true with small businesses, they do not tend to have dedicated staff to these business functions. Given that hiring people and allocation resources to this function would cost a lot of money, these clients of the business under observation typically outsource to exterior companies. The company under observation is able to do the tasks in question in bulk and the clients of said business can save a lot of money in outsourcing the task while at the same time getting a level of service and performance that would generally not be possible if they tried to do so on their own (Chou et al., 2015). . It would either be cost-prohibitive or it would at least be entirely too expensive in comparison (Gupta, 2009).

Even with the disparate business units to serve the different sizes of businesses that make up the client bases of the same, there is indeed a focus on a singular driving culture that encapsulates and motivates the entire business. To be sure, the business practices and the resources allocated do vary from business unit to business unit but the overall ethics and goals to be met in each unit are basically the same. There is a strong focus on several things including strong customer service, a strong dedication to accuracy and completeness and keeping things efficient, streamline and otherwise adept. Given these...


Any new hire for this firm needs to be ready and willing to learn and they need to understand that the pace of work is quite often fast, if not frenetic. The business under observation likes to keep things "lean and mean" but they are certainly not oblivious to the idea that five people cannot do the work of ten people when volume doubles. At the same time, the business is hesitant to dedicate new hires to a team unless it is truly necessary. If there is indeed a spike in business and it is temporary (e.g. peak season, etc.), there will indeed be some use of overtime but that will be mitigated by outsourcing more simpler tasks overseas or the use of temporary employees. Even so, the field in question is fairly specialized to asking either the offshore employee or the temporary employees to know anything and everything they can and should to do the job well can be a challenge at times. Even so, the more complex and important tasks are obviously left to the permanent and full-time employees while the other people are harnessed to deal with more menial things (Lee & Lee, 2015).

Due to the specialized nature of the job, the company is very careful with who they hire (Souliotis et al., 2014). If a temporary employee shows promise, they will quite often latch on to that employee. Indeed, many people in the human resources sphere actively suggest this method (Zappe, 2005). When it comes to exterior hires, those with experience are valued but those with a willingness to learn and a high aptitude overall are often hired quite quickly because those people can be molded and shaped. Regardless of who is hired, the people brought on are expected to agree with and otherwise mesh with the organizational culture in play. If it is clear that there is a disunity between a person's ideals and habits of the business, there is a very strong chance that person will not last. Indeed, there is a fairly obvious chasm when it comes to the rank and file of the business. There are a good number of people that have been with the company for a few years or less. There are also a lot of people that have been with the company for ten, twenty or even thirty years. When it comes to people in between, there are a lot less employees. Even with employees in general around the country seemingly being opportunistic and much more willing to jump ship to another employer of things go south, this company exhibits and manifests the opposite in a lot of ways and this actually includes a lot of younger employees as well. While most of the senior executives are older people, a lot of the middle-level managers are fairly young. A lot of the time, they are younger than forty.

When it comes to organizational processes, there is a huge dedication to that with this business. The compliance aspect of this business demands that as non-compliance on the part of the outsourcing business can lead to issues with the client having similar issues. However, the depth and breadth to which that phenomena exists varies based on the function in question and the business unit that is being spoken of. When it comes to interactions, there is a heavy use of email and instant messenger services. Indeed, the business makes heavy use of Microsoft products such as Skype for Business (formerly Lync), Microsoft Office in general (e.g. Outlook, Excel, etc.). This was a conscious choice, apparently, on the part of the business because the fact that all of the products are Microsoft allows them to integrate and function together (Saran, 2014). For example, if a person emails another in Outlook, they can double-click the user's name and instant message them and/or they can see the online status of the person on the email screen itself rather than having to add them to their contact list or bring up the Skype Business window. The company is very tight-fisted when it comes to investments. However, there has been a fairly major shift in the last few years. For example, the business stayed with Windows XP and Office 2013 for a bit too long but they now have Office 2010 and Windows 7, which is a huge improvement. In short, the company has already leveraged technology as a wider part of organizational processes but they have caught up significantly.

When it comes to distributed management and processes, there is a fairly regimented and defined structure. There is a strong amount of delegation and the "chain of command" that exists is rather protracted. The organizational chart of the business is rather defined and elaborate. At the same time, there are people that function as "leads" or something else along those lines that do not actually manage people. Indeed, the organizational chart often puts them at the same level as many of their peers even if the things they do and the way they work separates them from those same people. Even so, the people that are actually…

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