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Life has become more complicated today. Hidden meanings and social restrictions have made interactions even more complex. Reading and understanding body language goes beyond the particular gestures. One needs to understand the meaning taken by these gestures under varied circumstances. In order to improve the accuracy of reading gestures, a person should consider the 5 "Cs"- culture, consistency, congruence, clusters and context (Balistri, 2013).

Body Language Inappropriate at Work

Poor posture: A person's feelings are reflected in their posture. If you desire people to perceive you as a confident individual, your posture should exude confidence. You ought to stand tall, chest protruding, ears aligned to the shoulders, legs apart and weight distributed evenly. Balistreri (2013) says that assuming such a posture makes a person feel more confident as chemicals matching confidence are released by the brain. People see the person as credible and strong. Assuming the opposite slump posture induces feelings of low self-confidence and people's impressions also change accordingly (The discomfort of touch, 2015).

No eye contact: Eye contact forms a significant portion of non-verbal communication. Maintaining eye contact during communication indicates that the person is confident and present in the interaction. Studies have revealed that the maintenance of eye contact is a good persuasion technique....


Someone who is afraid to hold eye contact is probably not telling the truth (Balistreri, 2013). The best way to break eye contact is to look to the right or left. Looking downwards may imply that you are insecure.

Eye rolling: Eye rolling shows aggression, exasperation, and frustration. Some people might have made a habit of eye rolling but it is usually done consciously and should be avoided at all costs (The discomfort of touch, 2015). This behavior is a sign of lack of appreciation and respect. It is in fact so serious a matter that habitual eye rolling in a marriage is a signal that divorce is on its way.

Gifts in A Company with Gift-restriction

Since my company does not encourage gift giving and the intentions of the employee is suspect, I would encourage him to slow down on his gifts or not accept them at all.

All employees are expected to stay away from circumstances where their personal or financial dealings and interests are in conflict with or may conflict the company's interests. It is therefore expected of all employees that their actions are in line with the…

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