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Ethical Frameworks

The author of this report has been asked to assess the options and mandates that exist when it comes to a six-year-old child has apparent contracted a case of meningitis. The mother is a Christian Scientist that refuses medical care while the father seeks treatment along with an independent consult. The course of action that should be taken is to be derived from that. As part of this situation, there are a couple of deliverables that will be given. First, the ethical dilemma in question will be identified. Second, the decision-making model that is to be used will be identified. Third, how the dilemma would be resolved will be identified. Fourth and finally, the dialog that would exist with the parents would be explained and detailed. While the biological mother generally has the right to raise her child as she sees fit, her decision to withhold medical care is not legal or ethical and the child should be treated regardless of what the mother or father says, although the father's insistence on a consult should be honored.


The ethical dilemma in question is a bit of a duality. First of all, the mother is refusing medical care even though it is clear that the child's life is in immediate danger. Second, the father wants medical care for the child but he also wants an independent consult. Both of those insight. It basically states that the child's treatment should absolutely happen if the medical community is in agreement about the proper course of treatment, the expected outcome of any care is a good and normal life, the child would die without treatment and the parent is refusing to consent to the treatment. The second, third and fourth have basically already been figured out but the first one is not completely in focus as of yet. Only one of those has to be true and the state can get involved. However, it would be even better (if time permits given the child's health) to get all four of them lined up. (Law Info, 2015). As such, the best course of action is to start treatment with the permission of the state. A doctor that is independent (whether of the choosing of the father or a just a different doctor) should be brought in and that doctor can confirm (or offer an alternative) to the diagnosis. The near-certain outcome is that the care for meningitis will need to occur even against the wishes of the mother so as to protect and secure the continued life of the child. The only reason why the care for meningitis should not occur is if there is a differential diagnosis by the third party doctor requested by the father. If the third party doctor confirms the diagnosis, meningitis treatment should occur without question and it should be without fail.

To buttress what has…

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