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Resistance to Change

Change is the single most widely discussed and written about issue, which affects every facet of our lives whether professional or personal. No where is this 'change' a bigger problem than in the corporate sector where implementation of change can trigger massive resistance. Resistance in its turns gives rise to numerous other problems including loss of efficiency, productivity and revenues. Because of the potential pitfalls of resistance, every organization works hard to avoid it, in some cases with the help of hostile strategies. However resistance to change must not be 'resisted' because it is the natural and mostly a rational reaction to the introduction of something new, which threatens to erode the old and the familiar. Resistance, as long as it is rational and reasonable, must be carefully analyzed and addressed in order to discover the precise reasons behind it. Resistance is usually associated with some kind of fear and the validity of these fears must be seriously considered before resistance is discarded as a mere hurdle. In most cases, these fears are rational including job insecurity and learning anxiety and once corporate managers understand the nature of resistance, they can address and resolve the issue more effectively. However discarding resistance as nothing but an obstacle can lead to numerous problems later when employees refuse to cooperate and productivity suffers. Resistance helps in re-examining the corporation's need for…

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