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¶ … retail environment discloses a place for the retail business and the retailers to have the ability to interconnect real-time in order to modernize transactions and re-stocking. Walmart is one of those businesses that is heading towards a technologically progressive direction with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Any machine or person with equipment to read these tags can read from more than a few meters away. In the situation of a retail store, the point that anything from inventory that was purchased by a customer, could be read by the RFID tag, and then subtracted from inventory helps keep things in Walmart organized and flowing. Additionally, when the catalogue reaches a predetermined quantity-on-hand - it gets reordered to maintain adequate stock for the stores.

Cross (2007), discusses in an article the effectiveness of such operations. "Benefits of VoiceLogistics together with U.S. Foodservice Inc.'s annual business strategy incorporate five goals including growth on profitable sales, improved gross profit, controlled operating expense, improved working capital, and organizational effectiveness" (Cross, 2007, p. 32). The company not only had an overall improvement in communication, but also in productivity and resource management. The same was and is seen in Walmart. Walmart lie or be inaccurate with the count. In fact, most of the time, employees have to count several times just to make sure the number they get is accurate, wasting valuable time and money as employees in retail are paid on an hourly basis. Using this technology not only saves time, but also improve accuracy as well as removes the need to use an archaic and unreliable method.

Added advantage of satellite watching of trucks would be for locality, security, and delivery streamlining. Much like the RFID tag, the purpose of these additions is to streamline the company's everyday processes to avoid unnecessary waste. In the instance of armored automobiles that transport money, security and location would be principal. This is being performed in many kinds of trucking businesses so that proprietors discern where their employees are and if there is a difficulty in communication. Through improvements such as these, they can locate them and quickly deal with any potential hiccups.

Restructuring and employing technology to keep track of procurements, transports, movement, and material benefits corporations…

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