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There are two element to handling this situation, the immediate and the short-run. The immediate issue is that the argument needs to be stopped. It is not acceptable to argue in front of the customers, nor is it acceptable to argue with shouting and wild gestures. This is self-evident. As manager, I have the highest formal authority and will use that to end the current conflict.

The next step is the short-run conflict resolution. It is best not to deal with this while the two are still angry, but wait through a cooling-off period first (Drew, 2002). Conflict in the workplace can have significant costs -- an estimated $359 billion to the U.S. In lost work hours alone. So ongoing conflict is not acceptable. In this instance, I would have to know what the contract status of these employees is -- at least will may need to be removed from the company. If that is not a viable option, then there will need to be an attempt at resolution, perhaps mediation, and a formal warning delivered to each, so that any future instances can result in lawful dismissal. Ultimately, conflict has a role in the workplace, but not toxic conflict that has people shouting in front of customers. That is an unacceptable lack of


To be specific about it, they are representing the company and the store. If there is any conflict, it must be dealt with on civil terms, and behind closed doors. This is self-evident -- you don't argue in front of customers. Professional behavior demands that you do not argue in front of the customers.


The idea that conflict is healthy is not applicable here. Conflict is healthy in the sense that it means the company has a free flow of ideas. Under such circumstances, the conflict emerges when two sets of ideas conflict with each. That is healthy conflict, as it encourages the sort of debate that leads to better decision-making (Eisenhardt, Kahwajy & Bourgeois, 1997). But healthy conflict is not arguing at the back of a store in front of customers. The raised voices and gesticulations are a sign that the conflict is personal in nature, not professional, and that the individuals are not mature enough to handle a difference of opinion. There is a huge difference between a difference of opinion that is resolved calmly…

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