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risk in terms of privacy than our medical records...do you agree? Or, are your financial records more at risk, especially given events in the news lately. Which is greater in your mind (yes, you have to pick one)? Why?

Although keeping your medical records private is important, I believe that it is more important to keep your financial records private. Identity theft is one of the most prolific crimes of the modern era. As soon as someone has your information, they can hack into your bank account and take all your money or apply for credit cards in your name, leaving you broke. It is also very difficult to prove identity theft.

Drug testing in Sports; Drug testing in the construction industry; Drug testing for retail employees; Random drug testing for all employees; what principles can you pull about the pros and cons of drug testing from these different situations?

Drug testing in sports is designed to ensure that everyone is playing at his ability, without aids like steroids. It is also important that they not be doing drugs because sports players are heroes to small children and they have a responsibility to set a good example. The construction industry is a dangerous one. Men are handling heavy equipment and using heavy machinery. If someone were intoxicated or high and using these tools, they could endanger themselves and others. By forcing employees to undergo drug testing, the employers are making a statement about the kinds of employee they want working for them.

3. Is merit a matter of definition? Who decides what it is to merit a position more than another and what are the implications? Why is the concept of merit itself so important in our society and why is it so much a part of the affirmative action debate?

The word merit is a subjective one because it requires that someone other than the self-evaluate another individual and determine his or her worth. Such as a student being graded by a teacher on an essay. Much of whether or not the student passes the assignment will be dependent upon how the teacher perceives not only the essay but the student as well. In that context, he or she defines merit. In the Affirmative Action debate, it…

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