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If this was the case, the client would probably feel overwhelmed by a team of people all trying to influence them. Instead, the sales force needs to have people with a business approach and with a relationship building approach, as well as someone with a sales approach.

The next consideration is the training required of the staff. Considering that the approach to be used is based on teamwork, it is suggested that staff be trained in teamwork in general before being trained specifically in team selling. This is especially true considering that the sales reps have initially been working completely as individuals. It is suggested that everyone be trained in teamwork together. This includes the sales director. The point of this is to get the employees of the organization used to working together. The teamwork training is also needed because the team selling approach will not be effective unless the individuals involved know how to work together as a team. Once the teams have been trained in teamwork, it is then suggested that they be trained in team selling specifically. It is recommended that this be completed as on-the-job training. This decision is based on the fact that the task they are being trained for is a practical one. Based on this, it seems illogical to train them based on theory. In saying this, it must be noted that the effectiveness of the team selling approach will be based on how they actually perform as team sellers, not on how much they know about team selling. The on-the-job training would involve role-playing the


This would give all teams practice at the process. At the same time, the teams would experience what it is like to be sold to and could improve their own selling techniques via these observations. This training would be used to determine what role each person takes and to plan what is involved. It is suggested that the presentation should be planned so that each member of the team knows what is expected of them. This will allow the company to appear professional and organized. At the same time, there will be some room for changes since what the client does cannot be controlled. The main point in regards to adapting is that each team members understands their role in the team so they can respond effectively. For ongoing training needs, it is recommended that teams continually monitor their progress. This will allow for problems to be dealt with and for improvements to be made. The sales director should also note any specific problems and provide training or skill development for any specific weaknesses noted.

Finally, it is worth noting that the team selling approach provides an effective method of motivating staff. Sales reps will be motivated by knowing that the sales director is constantly monitoring their progress. This gives them an incentive both to avoid any form of punishment and to gain praise and rewards. If a system is implemented where the teams are rewarded for their efforts, this also means that employees will motivate each other. At the same time, having other teams could provide motivation because individuals will compete to be better than the other teams. Another way to provide motivation is for the sales director to observe team members with the intention of promoting the best sales reps and account managers to sales directors. The opportunity for promotion would be an important motivating factor. The promotion is also necessary so that the sales director can reduce her duties. At the same time, the team selling approach becomes an effective method for training sales reps and account managers for higher positions, since sthey will be observing the sales director's actions. This shows that the motivation potential of the team selling approach is another important benefit it provides.

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