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However, the situation is opposite today. These people have started to believe that there is nothing wrong with indulging homosexual behavior, and even some people have abandoned their families, their children because they developed feelings for the same sex. If equality teaches one to become extremely selfish and think about himself or herself only and just about their own pleasures and their own happiness, then such equality will only bring devastation to the society.

Even though, I do disagree to the fact that gay and lesbian marriage should be legalized, I believe that these people should be considered as humans just like someone else. Their inclination towards the same sex should be taken as a psychological problem, a treatable psychological problem. Psychiatrists, psychologists and pharmacists, all three professionals should be engaged in a way to treat these people, to explain to them that they will only have a happy married life if they go with the laws of nature. It might be really hard for these people, and for the authorities, in the beginning, but once the goal is achieved it will do wonders to the society and promiscuity will be removed from the society. The people who believe that encouraging the homosexuals to marry each other would decrease the sexual frustration in the society are not very right as most of the homosexuals are unable to attain the level of pleasure that heterosexuals do in their sexual relationships. Therefore, there are chances that the level of sexual frustration could increase when homosexual marriages are legalized.

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