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However, legally-married heterosexuals may register greater satisfaction with their unions (and hence happiness) than partnered gays. My assertion in this case is founded on the very nature of the relationships highlighted. It can be noted that legally-married heterosexuals have greater stability in their relationships as they do not have to contend with some stereotypes and stigma encountered by partnered gays. On the other hand, partnered gays do enjoy a significant level of emotional and social stability in comparison to cohabiting heterosexuals and single gays. Further, partnered gays in some cases also have access to some economic benefits not enjoyed by either single gays or cohabiting heterosexuals. This grants them both emotional and social stability. Economic benefits in this case could include but are not limited to the right to file income tax returns jointly and the right to inherit property as well as access the various Social Security benefits incase one spouse passes away.

It is important to note that the legal as well as public recognition of a relationship (whether same-sex or heterosexual) brings with itself some unique benefits. Some of these benefits including the right to inherit property have been highlighted above. Other benefits that accrue from legal and public recognition include but are not in any way limited to the right to adopt a child, access to joint life as well as vehicle and health insurance policies etc. It can also be noted that the public as well as legal recognition of a relationship could have the effect of bringing down or diluting discrimination of same-sex couples both in the short-run and in the long-term. Emotional benefits like patient visitation rights could also accrue as a result of legal and public recognition of a relationship in this case.

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