Saving Money For Retirement: Persuasive Research Proposal


You can't have that opportunity if you don't save. Not only is saving for retirement necessary, but it is also easy. There are many methods of investing that will put your money to work for you, instead of making you work for your money. You can choose a 401-K plan or invest in mutual funds, in addition to investing in property or other hard assets. The most important part of saving, however, is simply committing to do it. That means having the discipline to take money out of each paycheck and invest it faithfully. A 401-K plan allows you to do this most easily, with money being deducted from your accounting automatically. No matter how you decide to invest, being insure you save enough money to accrue significant interest. This is incredibly easy if you get used to saving and do not depend on the money you will be putting away.

In addition to being necessary and easy,...


Think of all those who depend on you now -- parents, friends, relatives, neighbors, and friends of the family. Now, multiply that number by about 10. As you grow older, change jobs, get married, and have children, you will begin to build a large support system. While they are there to support you, you are also there to support them. Imagine being unable to support grandchildren or go out to dinner with friends. This will be the case if you have no money for retirement. Saving for retirement means that you will be able to help your loved ones if they need it.
Remember that 2040 is just down the road, the date when social security checks will stop. Although the government has not yet decided what it will do to about this problem, it's up to you to be prepared. Saving for retirement is necessary, easy, and morally required.…

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