Schedule And Time Line Investigate Software And Research Proposal

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Excerpt from Research Proposal :

¶ … schedule and Time Line

Investigate software and data management solutions identify suitable test data for test installations

Obtain rooms to conduct survey and interviews

Trial and evaluate software

Develop a survey format to determine academic researcher needs

Conduct an online survey for those unable to come to the designated room

Trial and evaluate software #2

Attract and retain appropriate personnel

Develop a strategy for ongoing communication with each stakeholder group. Record results in a 'Communication Plan'

Consult with stakeholders regarding local issues, requirements and services

Send invitations to participants

Survey Committee Meeting #1

Establish and maintain a project webpage


Steering Committee Meeting #2

Conduct survey and interview


Steering Committee Meeting #3

Record results and findings

Resources needed

The resources needed to conduct adequate research revolve around data. First, a list of individuals with very similar backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses should be comprised. The list should also include those who have served time in the United States military. Software such as Microsoft excel, and PowerPoint will also be needed to articulate the results of the research while maintaining the overall database. In addition, easily accessible computers will be needed to record notes, adverse findings, or new breakthroughs in the overall research. A computer also provided an efficient means of information gathering when needed.

Surveys and evaluation forms will be needed to conduct the overall research in a through an unbiased manner. The surveys should not lead any of the participants to a desired answer or explanation....


Equally important, facilitators must also be unbiased in their approach towards administering the survey. A core group of experienced facilitators will be needed to provide unbiased assessments. A room, free from extreme noise and distraction will also be needed to help facilitate the overall survey. Noise or distractions may skew the overall results of the research and provide inaccurate data.


The personnel for the research project will fall into the following categories

1) Survey Facilitators- these individuals are required to help facilitate the overall survey experience. They are to provide an unbiased approach to facilitating and delivering the overall survey. They are also responsible for making sure all respondents fill the survey out correctly and completely. Finally, the facilitator should be able to provide answers to any of the respondents questions regarding the survey overall

2) Research Lead- The research lead is responsible for leading the entire research component of the project. They are to set deadlines, organize personnel, and direct the research efforts of the project

3) Research Assistants- The research assistants are designed to assist the lead in conducting research. They will assist in a litany of ways such as helping to set schedules for surveys, helping design appropriate research material and conducting experiments.

4) Data Recorders, Administrative assistants- The data records and administrative assistants help maintain and archive all data pertaining to the experiment. They also serve as the team designed to help acquire survey participants.



Senior Personnel


Dr. James Lombay hired for 3 months


Dr. Fred Jones hired for 3 months


Dr. Chris Thomas hired for 3 months


Other Personnel

Administrative assistant hired for 12 months


2 Graduate Students (Volunteer) 12 months


Total Personnel:





Materials and Supplies

Subcontract Room 1(On campus)

Subcontract Room 2(Off Campus)

Printing materials…

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