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Science Misconception

First you have to list why this misconception is correct.

Misconception: Energy gets used up or runs out

Reasons why this is false: One of the basic laws of science is the Law of Conservation of Energy is that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another.

Describe a non-mathematical way to help your students correct their misconception of this idea.

Suppose you were freezing in your home and wanted to get warm. You could use the Law of Conservation of Energy to warm yourself. Take some wood and put it into the fireplace. The wood has potential energy within it. Next, light a match and apply the small flame to the dry wood. By burning the wood, the potential energy from the material is released into the air and produces fire. The change from potential energy to kinetic energy gives off heat which in turn warms you up. The energy that gives you warmth was not created, instead burning the wood allowed the energy within…
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