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¶ … Security Planning

Threat Assessment

Controversy Surrounding the Client

This client is not the typical, everyday individual. He is an outspoken controversial white supremacist who often engages in blatantly controversial public behavior. The client is also planning to meet with the press and speak his mind regarding the recent charges brought against him involving murder and violation of civil rights. He is currently out on a $1 million bond and going through a criminal court case. As such, he is hated by many within the larger Southern California community, considering that the city is largely made up of large minority populations. Although the client lives in Laguna Beach, a wealthy suburban offshoot of Los Angeles just to its south, the region is still easily accessible from the city. This means that minority and civil rights groups may all be a threat to his security and his estate, as they may be looking for vigilante justice.

Rival Gang Concerns

The client also has a more sinister enemy. He has had involvement with individuals brutally beaten by what police assume is a rival white supremacist gang, vying for political power in the wake of the current situation which threatens to potentially imprison the client in question. With the client in a vulnerable position because of his criminal charges pending, there is a clear opportunity for rival gangs to step in and try to take over any political and leadership clout the client had....


This means wiping him out, both literally and figuratively. His life is in danger, along with any potential resources he could use to retain the power which has brought him to a position of authority within the white supremacist movement.

Health Concerns

Not only are there external threats to the security of the client and the estate, but there are also health concerns which prove major issues as well. Even though the client is only in his 40s, he is in a wheelchair and has to have the attendance of a nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week because of severe respiratory and other medical issues. His condition will require special medical transportation services on the hour drive to and from the courthouse, which will increase risk involved because a more secure vehicle cannot be used. Additionally, it increases the number of people that will need to be considered in the security plan because of the constant presence of a nurse.

Planning Strategy


The primary objective of this plan is to provide security for the client and his estate while he is in court and at home. This means ensuring the estate is protected while he is away in court in Los Angeles, as well as increased protections that cover his own physical safety while he is at home. Eight armed security officers will help secure the…

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