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¶ … mechanisms behind self-sustainability in Costa Rica in regards to the environment and job creation. The world knows Costa Rica as a self-sustained country; however, what kind of sustainability and the kinds of organizations that carry out such endeavors is also important to know. I would change this portion of the research paper in terms of providing visual aids like maps and pictures of the people in charge of the self-sustaining practices and organizations. The thing I like most about this portion of the paper is the ability to reflect on a topic that remains important throughout the world. That is conservation of the environment and job creation. The thing I like least about this section is the lack of use of visual aids to represent better the idea or concept.

What do you think is the best way to generate self-sustainability in an environmentally conscious country that also creates jobs successfully?


Many countries throughout the world recognize Costa Rica as an environmentally conscious country. Visitors to the land note its preserved natural beauty and friendly people and pristine beaches. In order for Costa Rica to maintain such natural beauty, it had to undergo a tremendous transformation and effort in terms of proactively conserving the environment while also making is sustainable through job creation via tourism and other things. Because Costa Rica made the environment its focus, it wishes to pursue a means of self-sustainability that promotes environmental conservation, but also allows the country to reap the benefits of other avenues of job creation like conservation and tourism through social entrepreneurship and other avenues. However, the literature presents a gap in such efforts due to the lack of comprehensive understanding of the groundwork that transpires when Costa Rican organizations form and develop under the Costa Rican literature review is meant to highlight the efforts as well as present the gap in literature by providing an example of such organization.

Literature Review

Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is an attempt by an organization, person, or government to draw upon commercial methods to find answers to social dilemmas. This idea may be practical to an assortment of organizations with various sizes, beliefs, and aims. In a thesis by Morgan, the writer explains social entrepreneurship has a lasting and positive impact on communities, especially those in developing countries. Although Costa Rica has a better living standard than other countries near it, it still faces major development in regards to schooling, living standards, and economic availability. Social entrepreneurship may provide and to some extent, has provided a positive change in Costa Rica. "Social entrepreneurship is one of the only models that has successfully initiated wide scale social development through promoting the economic independence and self-sustainability of the communities influenced by their initiatives" (Morgan, 2013).

Sustainability Appraisals

In the case of Ganacaste, Costa Rica, efforts to remain sustainability in terms of water governance regimes, the appraisal highlighted several problems with the efforts. However, what are sustainability appraisals? "Sustainability appraisals produce evidence for how well water governance regimes operate and where problems exist. This evidence is particularly relevant for regions that face water scarcity and conflicts" (Kuzdas, Wiek, Warner, Vignola & Morataya, 2014, p. 205). These appraisals become an important part of gauging the success of sustainability efforts and help determine whether an organization or group is performing the proper actions to produce successful sustainability. For instance, the article mentions there was failure in coordination associated to the use, protection, and management of all important groundwater resources. This was a consequence of inadequate leadership, which…

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