Service Oriented Architecture SOA And Thesis

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SOA architectures serve as the foundation for higher levels of distributed order management velocity by allowing multiple manufacturing locations to be in coordination with each other.

More efficient production planning, manufacturing operations and fulfillment are possible using SOA architectures to keep all manufacturing centers in sync with each other.

The velocity of distributed order management systems for commoditized products is improved to a statistically significant level when SOA architectures are used. There is empirical evidence to support this finding.

SOA Architectures are making Service...


e Lifecycle Management (SLM) strategies possible, reducing service recovery costs and increasing customer satisfaction as a result.

Potential for increasing warranty revenues and up-sell of services based on customer loyalty increasing.

SLM strategies more multichannel focused based on SOA architectures' ability to scale across all channel processes.

Potential to increase net Income by 30% or more through the use of SLM strategies in manufacturing alone, based on process re-definition (according to AMR Research).

Early SOA adopters are becoming trusted advisors through the use of SLM strategies implemented…

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