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Diversity Policy

GE commits itself to active achievement of diversity for enhancing the firm's performance through recognition and utilization of the diverse talents and skills of its directors, managers, and staff members. Diversity encompasses recognizing and appreciating the unique inputs of different members of an organization, owing to their different backgrounds, skill sets, viewpoints, and experiences, including individuals with concomitant domestic responsibilities. GE cherishes the differences among its workforce, as well as their contribution to the organization. GE further commits itself to abolition of discrimination and supporting diversity among its staff members. The company's aim is making its workforce a true representative of every societal group, and making every employee feel valued and capable of contributing their best.

Thus, the goal of this diversity policy is providing fairness and equality to all employees of the company, and not discriminating against anyone on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, marital status, nationality, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation. We are against any form of unjust and improper discrimination. Every employee, whether full-time, part-time or temporary, is entitled to be treated with respect and fairness. Selections for the purpose of employment, training, promotion, or other kinds of benefits will be based strictly on competence and skill. The firm will assist and encourage all employees in developing their potential to its peak. Workforce's resources and abilities will be drawn on fully to maximize organizational efficiency (Acas, 2006).

Our commitment:

Creating an environment wherein differences among company personnel and their contributions are appreciated and acknowledged.

All employees are entitled to work in an environment, which fosters respect towards all, and dignity. The company will not tolerate any sort of bullying, intimidation or harassment.

Opportunities for training, improvements, and promotion are made available to every staff member.

Workplace equality is a sound management practice, which makes business sense.

GE will review each and every one of its employment procedures and practices for ensuring fairness (Acas, 2006).

Our assurance of diversity is part of our merit-based company culture, devoted to employment of the most-appropriately qualified personnel, consultants, managers and directors. GE's commitment is put into operation at every employee-engagement stage, namely recruitment, selection, training, promotion, remuneration and rewards. Above all, we aim at recruiting people from a diverse and rich pool of eligible candidates at every level. Any kind of unlawful discrimination, victimization or harassment of a staff member who voices concerns or informs superiors about such behavior will not be put up with. GE realizes its employees' need to balance and integrate their obligations to company and family, and all recognizes the import of looking after their family members. The firm will look into inventive flexible job options for enabling employees to balance work and family life, and particularly, to support their children's care (Caltex Diversity Policy, n.d).

In keeping with board rules, plans for addressing board diversity will be supervised by GE's nomination committee; this includes succession planning for maintaining the appropriate combination of diversity, talent, knowledge, and experience on the company's board. The Board, during review of its performance, will bear in mind its objective of gender diversity (Caltex Diversity Policy, n.d). GE will consider any breach of its equality policy as misconduct, which may result in disciplinary proceedings.

Senior managers fully support this policy; employee representatives and trade unions have also accepted it.

Constant monitoring of the policy is guaranteed; it will be annually reviewed (Acas, 2006).

Sexual harassment policy

GE commits itself to providing for its employees a...


The behavior of any employee that may be classified as a form of sexual harassment will lead to disciplinary action up till and inclusive of dismissal. Cases of sexual harassment may also potentially subject the firm, and, sometimes, an employee to large civil penalties. GE's sexual harassment policy forms a part of the total positive action efforts of the firm pursuant to state and national laws forbidding discrimination on grounds of race, religion, age, color, gender, national origin, marital status, citizenship status, unfavorable military discharge and disability. Specifically, Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits sexual harassment (Sexual Harassment Policy Statement, n.d).

All employees of the organization have to refrain from all forms of sexual harassment while at the workplace. No staff member, whether female or male, must be caused to experience undesirable or uninvited sexual conduct or advances while at work. Moreover, all managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that the company's work environment bears no threats of sexual harassment for any employee. All kinds of discrimination or behavior that may be deemed as disruptive, harassing, or coercive, or that creates an unpleasant or unfriendly environment have to be eliminated. Sexual harassment cases must be looked into effectively and promptly. Every employee at GE, especially those holding a managerial or supervisory position are required to have adequate knowledge of the policy's contents, and conform to its requirements. Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, amended in the year 1991, has established that any sexual harassment represents a kind of discrimination (Sexual Harassment Policy Statement, n.d). Other behaviors, which may be deemed as sexual harassment, include the following:

• Verbal: Suggestive comments, sexual innuendos, humor, insults, and jokes pertaining to sex, gender-specific traits or anatomy, sexual threats, offers, repeated date requests, or sexual statements regarding other employees, whether in their presence or absence.

• Non-Verbal: Offensive or indecent sounds (whistling), obscene gestures, leering, "catcalls," sexually-suggestive body gestures, "kissing" or "smacking" noises.

• Visual: Signs, slogans, posters or pin-ups of sexual nature, pornographic content or website- viewing.

• Physical: Unwelcome hugging, kissing, or pinching, touching, brushing of body, actual sexual assault, or any forced sexual act.

• Textual/Electronic: Electronic messaging of sexual material, including videos and pictures (also known as sexing), using sexually explicit vocabulary, cyber stalking, harassment, and threats through all electronic communication media such as e-mail, text messages, video and picture messages, instant messages, blogs, online/postings, and social networking sites like Twitter and Face book.

Though most common sexual harassment forms include the conduct mentioned above, there are some non-sexual behaviors that may also be considered as violations of the relevant laws when such behavior is aimed at someone due to their gender. It is easier to recognize the more overt and severe sexually harassing behaviors. There are some conducts deemed as sexual harassment, which are more subtle; to some degree, they depend on individual view and understanding. Therefore, every employee, supervisor and manager should bear in mind that behaviors which may appear subtle or harmless may result in complaints of sexual harassment (Sexual Harassment Policy Statement, n.d).

Sexual harassment constitutes unacceptable misbehavior, affecting males as well as females. Often, sexual harassment deals with misconduct directed by a male at a female. However, it may also involve harassment of a man by a woman or sexual harassment between persons belonging to the same sex (Sexual Harassment Policy Statement, n.d).

Responsibility of individual employees

Every single employee is responsible for refraining from acts of sexual harassment while at the workplace. Employees responsible for sexually harassing any coworker will, undoubtedly, be liable their individual conduct. They will have to face disciplinary action which includes sacking from the firm, according to GE's policy or some suitable collective bargaining arrangement, as applicable (Sexual Harassment Policy Statement, n.d).

Responsibility of supervisory personnel

All supervisors are responsible for safeguarding the work environment from threats of sexual harassment. They can accomplish this by fostering a professional office environment, in addition to dealing with instances of sexual harassment in the same way as other employee misbehaviors are dealt with. It has to be borne in mind that supervisors make the frontline of defending their subordinates from sexual harassment. Through setting a good example, supervisors can discourage employees from behaving in an improper manner. Furthermore, supervisors should typically be at the lead in immediately spotting objectionable conduct; they should be the first company members to receive complaints regarding misconduct which wasn't observed by them directly. In particular, a supervisor should address a complaint or observation of sexual harassment very seriously, report it to superiors, act promptly in investigating the matter, implement suitable disciplinary action, and act appropriately to remove the harassment; all this must be carried out while observing strict confidentiality. The same steps must also apply in instances wherein employees report conduct deemed as sexual harassment to their supervisor but don't wish to file an official complaint (Sexual Harassment Policy Statement, n.d).

Additionally, supervisors / managers must regularly remind staff members that their outgoing and incoming electronic messages/mail on company-issued / owned equipment are monitored constantly and that they cannot expect any privacy on such electronic devices. Employees must be informed that in case they receive any improper electronic communications in the workplace, on company-owned devices, or on personal computers and cell phones, they must contact the Human Resources (HR) department, or their supervisor, at once. Employees, managers, and supervisors must be advised not to become 'friends' on social networking sites,…

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