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Shakespeare's play Macbeth, there are several themes that can relate today's modern society. But, one in particular wills mostly likely stand the test of time of all future societies. The theme of nature is use throughout the play and in the play it means that something will occur by the nature of things is set up. For example, in Act I, there is darkness all around the witches and during the time of the play, people associated darkness with evilness. So, the nature of the setting in Act I gave the audience the impression something evil was going to happen. And, today's modern audience would still get the same impression due to the nature of the setting.

Also, in Act I, there is thunder and lighting, which indicates a disturbance in nature. People of today still feel that way about thunder and lighting. In Act II, darkness is all over the place before the murders and that of course, will lead all audiences to believe evil awaits. When Macbeth has no hope for the future that is a disturbance in nature and that in itself will make people believe that nothing is going to happen. Therefore, the theme of nature in Macbeth can be used in modern society due to the fact that if there is a disturbance in nature, people still think that is an indication of what is going to happen.

In Act I, there is thunder and lighting when the witches meet and that is suppose to indicate a disturbance in nature. No one associates bad weather with good days. Also,…

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