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The public is becoming accustomed to end of life termination scenarios. There is much work being done to create case law precedents that allow patients who might otherwise live for very long periods of time the right to die. This will be one of the most significant changes of the 21st century.

Another significant change that is on the horizon right now is same sex marriages. The state and federal governments have shown a willingness to support same sex marriages by law. The difficulty encountered thus far is that the moral majority continues to be a strong voting block, and has not yet -- except in Connecticut -- supported the change in law to recognize same sex unions on state-by-state basis. It appears though that the move to make same sex marriages legal and to put laws about it on the state books is an eventuality of the 21st century.


This is important, because making same sex marriages legal, puts the same sex partners into the higher tax level that is imposed on married couples. Also, same sex couples will inevitably suffer the same social and personal problems as do other heterosexual couples, and the cost of divorce will be high and profitable for divorce lawyers.

The social changes of the 21st century will be less about the well-being and stability of individuals and families in America. It will be about the bottom line, regardless of whether or not it is supported by the majority of Americans, or whether it is in the best interest of Americans as individuals. America is on the slow turn of a dangerous social curve, and there is no room to turn around and…

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