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Shawshank Redemption

Summary of the Novel

The Shawshank Redemption is concentrating on the challenges that an innocent man endures while he is in prison. This is accomplished in the intro through showing how Andy Dufresne is arrested for the double murder of his wife and her lover. During the trial, he has no chance to have his views heard. Instead, he is convicted of both crimes and sentenced to life in prison. (King)

The rising action is taking place when Dufresne is sent to Shawshank Prison. During this time, he is exposed to the brutality of prison life by being constantly raped and beaten from gang known as the Sisters. At the same time, he has no friends and no one seems to care about what happens to him. This is when Dufresne is selected to work on the roof of a nearby building. (King)

During this time, Andy hears one of the guards talking about tax issues and offers them some advice. This helps to address their problems and the guards begin offering him protection. This is when Dufresne works with them and the warden on various financial related projects. It is at this point that the climax is established. (King)

Falling action takes place when Andy realizes that he will never leave Shawshank. This happens when Tommy Williams (a fellow prisoner is murdered). He tells Dufresne about a particular individual who bragged about committing the crime. Dufresne goes to the warden with this information and the guards murder Tommy. (King)

The conclusion occurs when Dufresne breaks out of Shawshank and he takes the funds that were embezzled by the warden. He uses this money to relocate to Mexico and establish a new life. A short while later Red is paroled and he finds Andy in Mexico. This is after he is provided with information, as to how to locate Andy when he is released. (King)

Descriptive writing: pick a setting and describe it right down to the slightest detail. This exercise is designed to bring out your vocabulary and imagination. Include all of the five senses when describing the setting. What does it look like? How does it smell? Is there anything you can hear?

A setting that most fits this description is when Red is looking for the volcanic glass rock that is located under an oak tree in the town of Buxton. What is happening is Red is released from prison on parole and is having trouble making it on the outside. He often thinks about different ways of going back to prison. However, the information that Andy gave him about the town (Zihuatanejo, Mexico) is constantly playing on Red's mind. (King)

This foreshadows the sense of determination that Red has in finding Andy one day under the name Peter Stevens. He is the individual that Dufresne created to launder the guards and warden's money from various illicit activities. Before he escaped, he had established a complete identity under this name including: a Social Security Card, driver's license, bank accounts, mailing address and credit cards. Once Dufresne was free, is when assumed this identity and went to Mexico. This is where he has established a hotel that is on the beach. (King)

Red finally locates the directions that Andy gave him and sits in the field reading the letter / looking at the money. When this is taking place, Red is sitting under an oak tree and leaning against a broken rock wall. It is a nice summer day. The way it looks, is like a single (unkempt) wall running parallel to the tree. There is the smell of fresh moisture that is associated with the hay field and the only thing that can be heard is the locust in the background.

The touch of envelope is dirty from sitting in box for a while. At the same time, the ground feels cool, yet it is rough from the rocks scattered around. This leaves Red, with a fresh taste inside his mouth. These areas are a personification of the sense of freedom that he is feeling. The hay field is where he is able to reconnect with Andy and he is no longer frustrated. (King)

Alternative Ending. This is a reflection on whether or not the ending was fit for the book. Did it not finish at all? Did it tie all the loose ends? Did you like it? Did you hate it? How did it make you feel? Did it make things even more complicated?

The ending of the book was sufficient. This is taking place by showing how Red was breaking his parole and heading to Zihuatanejo, Mexico. In this aspect, the ending was satisfactory in explaining what happened. This is because it left the door open to create a second novel that is following the same theme. (King)

Moreover, it is providing the reader with a sense of closure about what happened to Andy and Red. This is when they feel happy, in knowing that despite the challenges they faced in Shawshank. Both men were able to overcome their problems and live the life that everyone always dreamed of. (King)

To a certain extent it did tie up the loose ends. However, the reader is often wondering what happened to Andy and Red in Mexico. This creates a sense of curiosity about the kind of lives they would be living and the people they are associating with. (King)

I liked the ending. But, I felt that it could show more about what happens to Red and Andy in the future. This will add to the sense of closure and it will make the novel more entertaining. For instance, if there had been a section which is illustrating them running a successful hotel that caters exclusively to tourists. This will highlight the underlying theme of the novel (which is: hope is a good thing). (King)

It was this concept that kept Andy going through the long years he was wrongfully imprisoned. At the same time, this was used while Red was on parole in order to help find Andy. If this kind of ending had been written, it would have provided the reader with a greater understanding of the overall themes of the novel and its meaning. This makes the story more entertaining. (King)

Write 550-600 words alternate ending.

Like what was stated previously, the best way to make the ending better is talk more about what happened with Red and Andy. For instance, one possible ending is Red could come and find Andy. When he arrives in Mexico there is a lot that must be done. However, the two of them pull together and they create a profitable business that supports everybody. (King)

At the same time, Andy hires a private detective to review his murder case and clear his name. This is a process that involves both Red and Andy reliving their painful pasts. As they both want to become legitimate citizens, yet the fact that they have warrants out for various offenses is hindering these objectives. (King)

To achieve these goals, Andy hires a former CIA operative who has investigated Nazi War Criminals. While he is examining different kinds of evidence, is when an old plot is uncovered. What happened is Dufresne's wife was having an affair with the prosecutor of the town and a golf pro-at the country club. The prosecutor found out about the other relationship and wanted him out of the way. This is when he hired someone to kill Andy's wife and her lover. To eliminate any kind of ties to the crime, he framed Dufresne while he was drunk. (King)

The problem that the private investigator faces; is this individual has become Governor of the state. At the same time, he is interested in protecting his…

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