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Quality cancer data is an important part of cancer management programs and efforts to prevent the disease and treatment measures. This article examines the significance of cancer registry and cancer registrars in the process of collecting quality cancer data. The discussion incorporates determining what a cancer registry is and the role of the cancer registrar in the process. AHIMA requirements for credentialing as a certified tumor registrar and maintaining the certification are also discussed. The author concludes with an evaluation of the role of certified tumor registrar in the American Cancer Society.

Cancer Registry

The availability of quality cancer data is integral to the fight against cancer throughout the country. The significance of quality cancer data has contributed to the development and establishment of cancer registrars that help in capturing such data. The registrars capture important information related to this disease i.e. history, diagnosis, treatment, and health status for all patients in the country. The information in the cancer registrars is used by researchers, public health professionals, and healthcare providers in carrying out research, enhancing cancer prevention programs, improved evaluation of cancer treatments.

What is a Cancer Registry?

A cancer registry can be described as a systematic collection of important information or data regarding cancer and tumor diseases. The information or data...


According to Jensen & Storm (1991), a cancer registry is a crucial part of any coherent programme of cancer control (p.7). The data in a cancer registry can be utilized in various areas of cancer control and prevention including etiological research, health care planning, prevention initiatives, and patient care in order to benefit individuals and the society. Generally, the main goal of a cancer registry is to gather and categorize information on all cancer cases to help in generating statistics on the incidences of cancer and provide a mechanism for evaluating and controlling the effect of cancer on the society.

There are three different types of cancer registries i.e. population-based cancer registries, special purpose cancer registries, and hospital-based cancer registries. The population-based cancer registries are used to evaluate the rate of occurrence of new cancer cases annually in well-defined populations over a particular time period. The evaluation is carried out through gathering case reports from several sources such as clinicians and treatment centers. In contrast, hospital-based cancer registries are geared towards the enhancement of cancer therapy through gathering comprehensive data regarding diagnosis and therapy. As the name suggests, special purpose registries maintain data or information regarding a certain type of cancer (National Cancer Registrars Association, 2014).

What is the Role of the Cancer Registrar?

Cancer registrars can be described as data information specialists who play a crucial role in the development of a cancer registry. These specialists are responsible for…

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