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Social Order and Inequalities

Social order and inequality

Ideas, beliefs, values, norms, roles, statuses, organizations and social class may have impact on an individual's life directly or indirectly. This can be in form of gender and social inequality. The life of my friend Jane who is a woman is an example of how these phenomenon impacts the life of individuals.

Gender inequalities rise from deepening division in the roles that are assigned to men and women, especially in the political, economic and educational sphere. When my friend Jane could not make it to the leadership of their community despite various attempts, it showed that women are always underrepresented in political activities as well as decision making processes. This is brought by the ever existing beliefs that men are better leaders than women. As a woman she is subjected to institutional discrimination where they face problem of accessing education which has limit their opportunity to grow and hence contribute economically to the society.

Jane also faces wage discrepancies in her work where she complains of her pay which is less as compared to men who have the same qualification and experience as her. There are structural impediments to women's ability to peruse and advance in their various...


This discrimination prevents women from rising to the rungs in their jobs even though they have the required achievements and qualifications. Therefore, my friend just like other women are hindered by these unacknowledged ideas to succeed and make the maximum use of their potential, and this has as well cost the development of society at large.

Most societies have their norms and values which have paved way for feminism. Depending on their organization women have continue to encounter violence such as the one Jane experience from her family which consider her a lady and should perform almost every family chores while men (her brothers) were involved in the chores at their wish. Initiatives from the first-wave liberal feminist have raised awareness over the lack of fundamental freedoms and rights that should be enjoyed by women, while the second-wave feminism have pointed out the structural forces that have underlie gender-based violence. Masculinities have come about with intention of subordinating feminities as well as other expressions of gender that are neither assertive, dominant or heterosexual. The existing structures of masculinity eventually facilitate continued gendered marginalization, suppression, and violence.

Structures of masculinity such as authoritative, violent, and heterosexual contribute to the vast instances of suppression and marginalization that women face. It can be concluded that underrepresentation of women in the political arena reveals the idea that even if…

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