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As a consequence, these children need to be treated separately and teachers need to focus on assisting them as they learn until they are actually capable to say that they no longer require to be treated individually.

Some people perceive capitalism as an ideology that is created with the purpose of assisting the upper classes achieve success while lower classes suffer. According to them, the school system is designed to help individuals belonging to particular groups learn more rapidly and focus on concepts that they are actually interested of while other groups are provided with what appears to be a just system that is actually intended to keep them focused on growing up to be members of the middle and lower classes. Even with the fact that there are some exceptions regarding social classes, most individuals belonging to a particular social class are unlikely to experience success as long as society is focused on limiting their actions. Through only having access to public schooling individuals risk being unable to fructify their abilities and are eventually encouraged to limit their goals.

Conflict theorists promote the belief that conflict takes place when groups like teachers, parents, and students agree on a particular set of rules. "Each group obeys the rules even though the rules are not in their best interest because they may not see alternatives or fear the consequences of not obeying" (Ballentine & Spade 12). Conflict theorists consider that even though all of these groups put across the feeling that they see nothing wrong with obeying rules they are actually hesitant about acting in agreement with regulations and do everything in their...


By sorting and selecting young people depending on existing inequalities, schools make it possible for social privilege to be a dominant aspect of the social order. Schools are thus not meant to assist individuals as they experience social reproduction, as they are actually intended to reproduce inequality by teachings all generations that it is perfectly normal for some people to dominate others (Garner 324).

All things considered, the educational system in the contemporary society is meant to encourage inequality and it takes advantage of every opportunity it comes across to influence individuals in thinking that authority is one of the most important concepts in the world. Even though they believe that they are a part of a just social order, most individuals struggle to override particular regulations in an attempt to further contribute to making the world a place where inequality dominates every domain. Even with the fact that one might be inclined to consider that conflict theorists exaggerate through promoting their theories, the truth is that the world is a place where social class is extremely important in determining a particular individual's chances to experience success.

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