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This leads one to believe that they are not very well off financially and the mother has not real education in order to obtain employment since she is currently attaining administrative assistant training. Antonio also has issues with controlling his behavior when in the daycare environment, as he frequently has violent outbursts and crying spells.

If one were to assess Antonio from an Eco-Feminist perspective one would be better able to understand Antonio and his present behavior. Ecofeminism is the social movement that regards the domination of women and nature as unified. It is one of the few movements and analyses that in fact connect the two movements. Lately, ecofeminist theorists have extended their analyses to reflect on the interconnections flanked by sexism, the domination of nature, and also racism and social dissimilarities (What is Ecofeminism, n.d.). Daniel spent a lot of time suppressing Hilda in his behavior that he was the man and she was the woman and what he said went. She was always trying to tip toe around in everything that she did in order to not upset him. He had a very sexist attitude toward his family and this considerable affected Hilda and Antonio in the social inequalities that they endured.

Part C

C2. What are at least two strengths and weakness of each of the major theories (systems, ecological, classical psychoanalytic, ego psychology, object relations, and attachment) for under standing Antonio's case.

There are many strengths and weakness of major sociological theories that can be used to understand Antonio's case. Strengths of the systems theory include that it can go further than presenting difficulty and probe into other more sweeping troubles and concerns and distinguish the worth of the social context, particularly the involvement of official and unofficial social systems. Weaknesses of this theory include that it can refute personal responsibility for change and can sustain the people. In the ego psychology theory emphasizes that some mental purposes can be measured to be basic and sees defenses as artificial functions that guard the conscious mind from alertness of forbidden desires and thoughts. Weaknesses include that it is too narrowly focused on individual pathology and does not sufficiently deal with the impact of the social environment. The object relations theory stresses interpersonal relations, above all in the family and particularly between mother and child and proposes the remains of past relationships affect a person in the present. The weaknesses are that this theory looks at people in a clinical setting as opposed to a natural environment and clients often influenced by social worker perceptions. The attachment theory has common sense appeal and observes people in their natural environment but it is based upon nature vs. nurture and is based on behaviors that occur during momentary separations rather than during non-stressful situations (Goldstein, 2001).


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