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Those values include the fact that I am very socially conscious and am very aware of my responsibilities and obligations as a social worker. I constantly strive to comprehend and understand the theories of human behaviors and social systems, and in doing so I strive to employ that understanding in order to promote the positive aspects of society and mankind. I am very apt to assist someone in solving the problems faced in their life or lives, and oftentimes see simple solutions even in the most complex scenarios. My strengths are that the values and beliefs I hold dear are the same values and beliefs that will hold me in high regard with the clientele I am most likely to interact with.

Humanism in particular plays a pivotal role in my values since I have always cared for my fellow humans and will continue to do so for as long as I am a social worker (even longer if the truth be known). That caring nature forms the underpinning of my desire to become as good a social worker as

I can possibly become.

Question 4 Social Work Values

Implementing the ways and means of becoming an efficient and effective social worker when dealing with service users takes planning, communication...


The process most likely to work in this situation would have to include a number of factors such as; research, direct management and even case work management. These factors will comprise a large portion of what the social worker does, but one must remember that these factors will also entail a large number of groups, entities and individuals. A social worker must be adept at not only crossing the t's and dotting the i's but in providing a step-by-step process to be followed by the various involved groups and entities. One way of addressing the complexity of social work is by having a process that allows the social worker to assist not only the service user but the service provider as well.

This process can entail a lot of different steps, but organizational communication is probably the key to success. Communicating the steps to the stakeholders will not only provide the necessary steps but how to follow through…

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