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Expanding Barnes & Noble to England

The company that will serve as the focus of this paper is Barnes & Noble. The industry that this company operates in is the bookseller industry. It is worth noting that Barnes & Nobles also operates in other industries. For instance, the physical retail locations of this chain operate in conjunction with Starbucks (which is part of the food and beverage industry). Barnes & Noble is also involved in the book publishing industry. Still, its major source of revenue and the primary facet of its business for which this company is known for is selling books. The domestic environment for this company is the continental United States. It has retail locations in every state in the U.S., and is headquartered in New York City.

and 3. The global environment which will likely most behoove Barnes & Noble for expanding its business is England. There are a several characteristics of this global environment that are conducive for success for the company in this location. Firstly, however, it is worth noting that...


Still, England is most conducive to Barnes & Noble because English is the national language -- the majority of the books sold by Barnes & Noble are printed in English. Additionally, Barnes & Noble has a classics section in which it sells timeless books. Many of these books are written by British authors. Therefore, it is not unlikely that the company can have a significant audience for these books in this particular country. Additionally, the cafe culture which is a part of Barnes and Noble and Starbucks is highly prevalent throughout Europe. Although England is not located on the European continent, this tradition has extended to it and is another boon for Barnes & Noble's business model.

4. The barriers that exist in the new global environment are actually much the same as those that exist for Barnes & Noble in its domestic environment. Specifically, those barriers are the competition that the company faces from online booksellers who are able to sell their products at a significantly lower cost than retailers in physical locations can. Perhaps the best example of the sort of competition that Barnes & Noble will face while attempting to expand to England comes in the…

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