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Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Software Defined Radio, which is most commonly shortened to SDR or software radio, is a term that is used to refer to wireless communication where the transmitter modulation is created or defined through a computer [3]. During this process, the receiver utilizes a computer to get the signal intelligence. In addition, SDR can also be described as a radio communication system in which the various components have been ordinarily implemented in hardware. However, these components are executed through the means of software on an embedded system or a personal computer. In essence, the term refers to a mixture of software and hardware technologies whose radio operating functions are executed by using adjustable firmware or software functioning on programmable processing technologies.

Software Defined Radio (SDR) differs from other radio implementation methods in relation to the use of hardware and software technologies. The conventional hardware-based radio devices restrict cross-functionality and can only be adjusted through the use of physical intervention. This radio implementation method contributes to higher costs of production...


On the contrary, SDR technology enables an efficient and less costly radio implementation method. SDR differs in radio implementation method by allowing combination of hardware and software technologies and enabling multi-mode and multi-functional wireless devices [5].

Software Defined Ratio has numerous benefits for radio equipment manufacturers and system integrators, radio service providers, and end users like business travelers and soldiers on the battlefield. The benefits of SDR include enhancing system performance, lessening design risk, decreasing system size, and decreasing time to market [4]. This radio solution provides these benefits through promoting the use of available production-ready software and hardware reference radio designs. The other benefits include decreased costs of development and operating expenditures, and ease of communication.

SDR is associated with various advantages and disadvantages since the technology has embedded functionality and processed within software modules. One of the advantages of these systems is the introduction of new methods of intrinsic dynamic flexibility and upgradeability [1]. Secondly, the systems promote a more efficient use of the radio technology spectrum. Actually, by using these radio systems, providers are not restricted to physical backhaul links because segments of the radio spectrum can be used as software-based central base station controllers or wireless backhaul. The other advantages include embracing several communication standards, ability to migrate to new emerging standards, and ability to program…

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