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I stood by my younger sister when she fell from the giant tree in our backyard, her leg twisted behind her. She was crying, but I was doing my best to hold back my tears to help her feel strong. At the hospital, the first sign that I would eventually follow a career path in radiology became clear. I saw my sister's x-ray. It looked exactly like the x-rays I had seen on television but with one big difference: this was the x-ray that belonged to someone I knew, and it was with this magical document that the doctors were able to piece my broken sister back together. My decision to be a radiographer was not an immediately transparent one, though. I did not then and there become determined to be a radiological science professional. Instead, the experience planted a seed. This seed has since been nurtured and is growing into a fully-fledged dedication to what I believe is the method I can contribute most to improving health care outcomes for all patients. As I have pursued a career in health care, one thing has remained clear: I enjoy creative and critical thinking, solving puzzles, and working independently in the service of the health care team. Radiology has emerged as the pathway most suited to my personality and skill set.

Another thing I appreciate about radiology is its technological aspect. I like being surrounded by technology and maximizing the use of technology, mastering each machine in my midst. Likewise, I enjoy being aware of emerging technologies. I have always attended technology workshops, seminars, and conferences to remain up-to-date in my personal and professional life. As a radiologist, I intend to maintain my professional credentials by continually upgrading my skills so that patients in my care can receive the most accurate diagnoses and most effective, quickest treatment interventions.

At the moment, there is no one specific application of radiology that appeals to me any more than any other. Seeing an image of my sister's bone has always made orthopedic radiology a classic choice. Yet I am becoming increasingly drawn to the


Because I am as suited for laboratory work as I am for working closely with patients and colleagues, I believe my training as a radiologist will allow me to expand my job opportunities and work in a variety of environments including private clinics and hospitals. If I ever need to spend more time with my family or work on a novel, I can even work as a radiologist at home using the latest software for interpretation. I hope to someday volunteer my services in a developing country, where radiology staff is in high demand and necessary to help scores of people who otherwise lack access to the latest and best health care. I appreciate the fact that radiologist salaries and job outlooks are promising in the United States, and I am more than willing to apply my skills in places less fortunate than ours. Perhaps as I become expert in my field I can give back to the profession by becoming a radiology instructor. I expect to become a clinician who is at once personable and caring, yet decisive and authoritative in my ability to make decisions.

Experiences that have helped me to develop skills that will be useful to as a medical imaging or radiation therapy professional did not end with my encounter with my sister's broken leg. Since then, I have worked in health care settings that have exposed me to the need for better radiological professionals. Going to the dentist regularly, I have formed a relationship with the radiographer there and have discussed the nature of the job. Informal interviews like this have clarified my suitability for the profession. The person needs to understand the latest technology and equipment, and be willing to provide the imaging service in a way that is cost-effective, efficient, and timely. Working with uncooperative patients may be one of the most difficult aspects of the job, as the radiologist must keep the patient safe at all times. Understanding how to work with anxious patients, and remaining cognizant of the emotional and physical discomforts some patients feel, requires a level of sensitivity that cannot be taught in school. This is why I look forward to internships and professional training opportunities in this exciting field.

Safety is first, and the…

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