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The federal workforce, U.S. federal government agency workforces are based on equal opportunity and promotions are on merit principles. (Starks, 2009) Thus we have Asians and Pacific Islanders well-represented in private sector professional positions (8.9%) and in government positions (4.8%) considering they made up 3.7% of the general population." (Starks, 2009)

Another issue you are going to face is the gender issues. In the U.S. too it was an issue and we see the first U.S. female secretary only during the Clinton administration - Madeline Albright followed by Rice and now Hillary Clinton. Outside the race and sex issues are very important. In Islamic countries the situation of women are not very positive and this if interfered with is going to cause ill will. Like wise you may have to encounter hostile feelings in countries wherein women have a long history of discrimination that was meted out to them. (Henderson, 1994)

While on the one hand the issues that we confront at home may also be found at the new place, I have to remind you that the racism of dividing mankind into four races -- white, yellow, brown, and black caused further problems, both at home and elsewhere and this will also dog you in your new worplace. All managers are trained by the culture and the background of culture prejudices continue into the workplace. Thus it can be argued that behaviors, not attitudes, of people that create problems for diversity at the workplace. We have to agree that still there is "prejudice against women, older workers, individuals with disabilities, foreign workers, and white workers -- all the people who comprise the labor force." (Henderson, 1994) This will also be found abroad, but much in a different setting. You are bound to be looked upon with some misgivings which need to be overcome with ingenuinity.

Take a valuable example from management systems. In management systems, the basis of management is to motivate the employees or mass of persons apply efforts which is then directed to achieve the goals and aims. Leaders thus motivate the employees in lending their maximum effort. To achieve this aim the leader must be able to influence people by leading them in multiple ways. It involves accurate communications, decision making, motivational activities, and likewise careful selection of personnel who suit the job. The need for the changes in the role models are necessitated in leadership and leadership development is reflective of the current environment of business.

One of the answers to the problems of diversity is trying to have an integration approach that respects the other culture. Thus integrating with the people where you work and live is very essential because it helps create the work culture which is the basis of progress. Individual values could be based on professional ethics and needs, organizational values, community values, and the social values that change from country to country and place to place. The tapping of inner values and thus creating a leader from the worker whose vision also encompasses the core belief of the corporate entity is the success of the leader, and the core values are important for the successful management of the business which can be achieved without conflict.

The issue involves developing strategies to create and manage a diverse workforce which means that there ought to be a model for managing females, immigrants, and minorities, Hispanic, and Asian origins. In order to understand the problem you have to remember that the terms culture, ethnicity & race are the three terms which are frequently used interchangeably in everyday interactions. Most of these interactions are reflected in the work place ethics and also in the consideration of personnel to upper echelons of the management oath. Thus "central to an understanding of diversity issues is the definition of culture....


The cultural roots and the feelings that supervisors and mangers have with the employees plays a crucial part in harassment. We cannot remove the prejudice completely but we can prevent discrimination at the work place. You have to remember that the federal service maintains that equal opportunity is the key to enhance efficiency of the federal workplace, wherein opportunities are given irrespective of race, color, religion, national origin, sex or disability. (The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2003)

This shows that as an American you have learned how to overcome prejudices and this would be a model for the host countries that follow American precedents, and secondly it would further change the way the government servants perceive their work and relations with their colleagues, superiors and supervisors. In terms of a global presence, the absence of discrimination will help get better quality workers both at home and abroad. The problem of immigrants and role of marginalized communities and their increased participation in the government and its agencies will change the nature in which the governance and international relations are perceived.

At this point I have to mention that there are many types of models that you will encounter that may be used to overcome limitations in interactions. There are many technical theories on leadership and I am not going to elaborate them here. However I mention that the transactional and charismatic model of leadership finds favor today with the business community. You could use this model too. This leads to the fact that leadership training is and must be an integral part of the management of the company. Leadership concepts hitherto have always been concerned with the individual. The link with business purpose and outcomes ought to be understood, as this leads to training and creating leadership at the workplace. Models are not entire in the sense that the analysis does not encompass the entire gamut of the issue. For example Fiedler's contingency model did not analyze if the motivational orientation of the leader affects group processes and outcomes. Thus leadership can be directly measured on the impact it has on motivation and satisfaction. These theories of motivation predicted that certain behaviors would provide the desired outcomes. The "path-goal" instrumentality model postulated that the behavior was a function of the product of the person's perception of the state of affairs. (Chemers, 1997) Though the individual contribution is the basis of all work and transactions, you have to remember that in most situations no one accomplishes anything alone and thus we have to depend on others, and that is where the team comes in.

While you bring about your leadership qualities into on your working patterns, do bear in mind that your leadership also requires the cooperation of your colleagues, and the public if you have to interact with them. That again leads us to the discussion of cooperation -- or in other words 'team work.' Teams help create a work culture that is centered on providing emotional support, goal accomplishment and provide for social interaction. The teams operate better when the tasks are clear, and there is a shared work which all members are motivated to accomplish. The team forming strategies like forming, storming, norming and performing with appraisal and adjournments are regular in the evolution of goal-based groups. Teams and employee involvement have a direct relation with the active participation of employees who influence decisions. Team work is the key for support and quick achievement of what we set out to do. America especially the corporate America has progressed with team work and cooperation. (Burke; Cooper, 2004)

Team and team work have been used in America to achieve organizational objectives and purposes. For example today teams are now much embedded in corporate America. Most organizations now have teams. The international functioning of the motor Giant Toyota Teams for example can be a model for you. In the U.S. And in their home country and elsewhere team work has been symbolized with the way the team leaders and all members of the team contribute to the production and problem solving. Today all organizations have this team building as part of the human resource management. Thus organizations often employ multiple team structures concurrently. The benefits of team work improve customer satisfaction, service and product quality, and productivity. It makes the company responsive to changes. Further it is known that the team building can always create an environment which can be able to boost the morale of the employee and give better job satisfaction, and a feeling of a strong link between performance, pay and contribution.

Teams could be top-down that closely follow the system of hierarchy and are based on the strategic necessities of the Company. These concepts that evolved over time in the world's market place have always been the part of the Japanese work culture. That is why it is important for you to understand the work culture and the way the indigenous population work as a team and you have the daunting task of integrating the American personnel to these alien teams. Thus for example if you analyze…

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