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Her selflessness was obvious many times over. In the eighties, during the grip of the AIDS panic, Diana was one of the first celebrities to be photographed holding the hand of a man who was dying of AIDS. At a time when children who were infected were shunned and people were afraid to help them, Diana took a stand and comforted a dying man. The sort of personal integrity it takes for someone to act as Diana did in that case defined her as a human being.

Princess Diana should not be remembered as the beautiful celebrity in the glowing white gown. She should be remembered at the bedside of the sick, and on the battlefields where she spoke out against land mines. There, where she was without the clothes and accoutrements of fame, she was truly her most beautiful. That beauty -- the beauty of a human being who had a passion for humanity -- continues as we remember her and follow in her footsteps to make a better world.

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