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start stories comparing contrasting. The stories "Homecoming turtle Junot Diaz" How Tame a Wild Tongue Gloria Anzaldua. Use examples story justifying similarities differences. Has MLA format..

"Homecoming, with turtle" versus "How to Tame a Wild Tongue"

Junot Diaz' short story "Homecoming, with turtle" and Gloria Anzaldua's story "How to Tame a Wild Tongue" both deal with matters regarding cultural identity, ethnic discrimination, and lifestyles in general. Characters in the two stories are shown as they have trouble understanding who they are because they are forced to make it in hostile environments. Each protagonist experiences suffering developing their personal identity because they are confused in regard to their image. However, in contrast to Diaz, Anzaldua experiences positive results as a consequence of her attitude and actually comes to consider that her life is improved because of the way that she shaped her character.

"Homecoming, with turtle" puts across an episode in the life of a man who is trying to rebuild his life consequent to experiencing several unfortunate events. Even though she lived for most of her life in an environment similar to Diaz, Anzaldua accepted her condition and comprehended that she is not completely Mexican. Nor is she completely American. She feels that she belongs to both Mexico and the U.S. And that she is practically a Mexican-American.

Diaz' story presents readers with his initial failure to integrate in what he considered to be his true home. Even though the U.S. did not provide him with a feeling of belonging, it managed to change his character and to make the people back home consider that he was not one of them. Both Diaz and Anzaldua were severely affected by the fact that they tried to evolve in an environment that generally discriminated them. Moreover, Anzaldua…

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