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Comparative Analysis

1. What policy do you recommend for your home state? How would your policy recommendation address the problem in your state? Provide rationale for your recommendations.

The recommended policy for my home state is the formation of high-quality training and orientation programs for new teachers, necessitating the different districts within the state to offer such programs and also offering finances to support the programs. This policy would address the problem in the state for the reason that beginning teachers that have the accessibility to rigorous and exhaustive mentoring by expert peers have a considerably less likelihood of deserting teaching in the initial years. It will be possible to diminish the rates of attrition of the new teachers by a substantial figure through the connection of the new teachers with specialized mentors and offering both parties with mutual release time. In addition, this policy is beneficial because these programs not only aid in encourage new teachers to remain within the teaching profession, but also facilitate them to become proficient in a faster manner (Scherer, 2003).

2. Would your recommendation likely pass the state legislature and be supported by the governor in your state?...


This is owing to two key reasons. First, this recommendation does not advocate for the development of programs that solely fascinate and appeal to increased candidates to the profession and hastily prepare them to enter the classroom. Therefore no valuable resources are wasted and the level of education obtained by the children is not compromised in terms of quality. Secondly, the recommended policy addresses the issue of high teacher turnover, which facilitates the resolution of teacher shortage (Scherer, 2003).

3. What will be required at the local government levels to implement this policy? Why are these actions necessary?

What will be required at the local government level in order to carry out this policy is to guarantee the coordination of district schools. This is imperative for the reason that the programs will be undertaken at the district level.

4. How will this policy initiative be funded? Federal? State? Or both? Will federal grants or waivers need to be acquired? If so, which types of grants would be necessary…

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