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speak French (this fulfill the requirement of a foreign language) and find that it matches all my interests perfectly in that I have an interest in Practice Management; an Interest in an Administrative Fellowship; and an Interest in academic medicine. I am a pmp candidate. I also have seven years of IT experience with an emphasis on Business Analysis and will shortly be graduating with a Masters in Health Care Administration informatics.

I am attracted to the offer of the Fellowship in that it promises to provide me with the education and practical experience necessary to successfully establish a career in international healthcare management and administration. I have the technical know-how and extensive informatics experience; now I need the practical general experience. The Fellowship offers to give me this through real-time, hands-on operational experiences in top international healthcare institutions -- and this is fantastic since it will bring me into contact with an intercultural mix. More so, I will not only learn the skills needed to manage and operate these complex and unique medical centers, but I will also be acquiring these skills in a setting where I will be learning side-by-side with seasoned international healthcare administrators.

The fellowship requires strong leadership skills, and I think that I possess these as evidenced in the fact that I have exceeded my job expectations doing my utmost to please customers and frequently voluntarily conducting detailed interviews with business users, stakeholders, and Subject Matter Experts.

The fellowship also necessitates collaboration and partnering and my whole experience has been one where I have striven to build relationships between individuals, teams, departments, units, or organizations to help achieve business goals. In fact, I have conscientiously worked closely with various project stakeholders, SMEs, and staff to understand and document business requirements, functional requirements, and design specifications for new applications along with enhancements to the existing applications.

My resume is focused on…

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