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Philosophical awareness is one of the most important interventions for facing anxiety issues that pertains to an establishment of objectives that are helpful guidelines to strongly persevere all proposed plans to achieve goals and overcoming challenges that are causing anxiety related issues. The presence of art or uniqueness of an individual's performance utilizing their own strengths to show their credibility and proficiency for successfully accomplishing their tasks on a daily basis is another intervention for overcoming anxiety for the reason that this is a capability that can break the myths and challenges that are causing anxiety. Politics that are being represented from the book is a considerable intervention as being based from de Botton's "status anxiety" for the fact that it represents an effective organizational structure and management plan that contains efficient measures to efficiently implement plan of action. Strong management and organizational system in politics can build up trust and higher probability of success rates for implementing rules as well as to deliver plans accurately because planning is a method that are used to forecast possible outcomes as a guideline to identify all kinds of negative issues that are represented by anxiety.

Religion pertains to a divine collection of tradition and system of beliefs that are symbolizing the presence of moral values with the strong implication of a Supreme Being as the ultimate support system that is useful for addressing issues that are related to anxiety. De Botton emphasized that religion is an effective support system because an individual can rely with divine intervention by means of praying and showing their religious devotion for them to seek help that will address their concerns particularly with issues regarding their personal, career, and with their relationship with others that are being disrupted. Religion is one of the most efficient interventions because there are numerous people that are affiliated with their own religious practices that seek help to their divine God for them to cope up with incidents that are causing stress to their personal lives. The author also depicted bohemianism-based solutions that will address some issues that concerns with individuals that are experiencing anxiety. In this case, it is a form of an alternative option for individuals, companies, or political leaders to utilize unique way of employing unorthodox activities that will help them cope with their frustrations or feeling of anxiety. If there are instances when anxiety symptoms are strong enough to resist any kind of intervention, seeking medical professional's advice would be the most appropriate action for relieving anxiety related issues. In this case, medical professionals will be able to assess the person's current physical, emotional, and cognitive symptoms that are causing anxiety issues that are considered abnormal outlet of stress. In addition, other professional advice that includes financial and management advisers for helping their leaders to create a structured plan in order to solve financial related issues such as debt crisis that will help alleviate public concerns.

Part III: Implication and Recommendation of the Study

It has been learned that de Botton's story is very significant to real life scenarios because the presentation of the story can connect with people's current status that includes their personal and career situation that are currently experiencing anxiety issues. There relevant details that has been depicted by the author with respect to anxiety disorder because it is a unorthodox way of making the story as a form of health education and informative campaign regarding to anxiety related issues so that the readers will be able to have an idea what is anxiety all about. It has been realized that the author used anxiety as a subject that is a normal process that are being experienced by all walks of life that includes normal civilian to political and business leaders that are experiencing the same frustrations. As a recommendation of the study, we should be appreciating the author's efforts for presenting anxiety as the main subject of his story as being incorporated to the events that have been experienced by the characters of the story. In addition, education is one of the most important aspects that we should be respecting and embracing because this is a process that helps our knowledge and skill to become more developed and more capable of identifying ideas and tasks that are significant to our lives in the long run.


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