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¶ … Strategic Planning Process

Strategic management is the combination of plants that managers come up with in a bid to program work in an organization to the point where everything follows a predetermined pattern. In a management exercise, it is important to ensure that everyone is brought to terms with what is happening. Many opportunities for success are available for companies that plan their future appropriately. These are opportunities to do with the market, and the rest of what can accrue to the management and responsible managers must not undermine the importance of strategic planning. Some of the notable cases here are in the areas of market control and securing a better status in the workplace for employees.

Initiating a strategic planning process

Initiating this program falls as a responsibility under the hands of the managers and this role is such important to all the


Managers in any organization have the responsibility of securing a good immediate and far future for the organization they lead. Some of the relevant concerns involve the issuance of a status of confirmation to those they consider as great. The initial process of setting up a proper management for the organization takes much consideration on the role of stakeholders. In this case, the manager is needed to bring the role of all stakeholders so that they can control the flow of trade and the future of the organization (Godet, 2011). Some of the critical factors to be evaluated involve a securing of an enabling environment for all workers. This matter comes to the attention of the manager when initiating the process. It is important to have the interests of the stakeholders brought to attention when setting the strategic plan for the organization. The rest of the staff will join in once the manager has identified what to do with the organization.

Critical Components in American Cancer Society's Strategic plan

A strategic plan will first need a balance of the place of the clients and that of the employees. The manager must receive the interests of the people who depend on the outcome of the organization's plans. This means that the strategic plan must first begin with an acknowledgment of needs of these stakeholders. The start of this process will be the collection of data that is relevant to the organization. This provides the basis for which the organization can be improved.…

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Bryson, J. M. (2011). Strategic Planning For Public And Nonprofit Organizations: A Guide To Strengthening And Sustaining Organizational Achievement (4th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

McHatton, P. A., Bradshaw, W., Gallagher, P. A., & Reeves, R. (2011). Results From A Strategic Planning Process: Benefits For A Nonprofit Organization. Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 22(2), 233-249.

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