Strategic Planning Outline AMR Research Thesis

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Summary of Recommendations

1. Goals of the recommendations to the Board of Directors for AMR Research:

a. Seek to stabilize the firm during turbulent economic conditions

b. Capitalize on the growth potential of Web 2.0 technologies and social networking.

2. Starting with competitiveness

a. AMR needs to create greater levels of process-based expertise that is relevant to enterprise accounts

b. Transform this expertise and use it in the context of assessing and evaluating vendor clients' strategies.

3. Learning and Knowledge Management Strategic Initiatives

a. Need for creating the role of a Chief Learning Officer

i. Duties include concentrating on unifying all the disparate sources of knowledge in the company into a single version of the truth, a single repository of knowledge that could easily be queried for unstructured content.

4. Managing employees to greater levels of creativity and innovation.

a. Creating more opportunities for individual growth

i. Use personal growth plans which would also support the strategies mentioned in this analysis for recruiting and retaining a competent workforce as well.

5. Technology Improvement

a. Today the company's reliance on corporate Intranets provides useful for certain tasks

b. AMR needs to consider how Web 2.0-based technologies can assist in the development of more effective collaborative workflows internally.

i. The use of collaborative platforms is essential for the growth of the company.

6. Overcoming resistance to change.

a. AMR must nurture small teams of analysts who can readily support and help each other learn and serve clients.

7. Timeline

Article I. Table 1: Summary of Timeframes by Objectives in Each Key Area



Timeframe to Complete


Best Practices Methodology

90 days or three fiscal quarters to create and implement

Customer Service

Web 2.0 & Social Networking Adoption

60 days or three fiscal quarters to create and implement

Learning Organization

Chief Learning Officer -- creation of taxonomies for capturing knowledge

60 days or three fiscal quarters to create and implement

Creative and Innovative Employees

Web 2.0-based platforms for information and knowledge sharing

30 days or three fiscal quarters to create and implement

Human Resource Management (HRM) including retention & reward

Personal Growth Plans

30 days or three fiscal quarters to create and implement

Technological Adoption

More collaborative app usage and more reliance on communication with external sources of knowledge as well

90 days or three fiscal quarters to create and implement

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Creating teams that allow for greater information sharing through more trust being created by project teams


Worst-Case Scenario Planning

Pricing and Contract Negotiation Service



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