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Strategic Planning

Smith & White

Analyzing the weaknesses of Smith & White is important for us to make the company more profitable. We should "overcome weaknesses to pursue opportunities" (Strategic Management). When we look at the weaknesses of Smith & White, it is seen that it faces high costs due to old manufacturing plants situated in the high labor urban areas. What Smith & White needs to do is to produce newer more efficient manufacturing plants that are situated in places of cheaper labor. This would reduce the costs more and manufacturing would be more efficient thus meeting the high end-user demands. As Smith & White are already able to obtain high prices, minimizing the cost of production with cheaper labor, Smith & White would be able to maximize its profits.

Further Smith & White already spends a lot in the advertisement sector but needs to change the advertising plan. What it needs to do is to give rise to awareness among the public that it makes both professional and consumer goods. This would lessen the market confusion between it power tools and consumer goods and the public will accept it to be a multi-manufacturing company that produces a wide range of products.

In its cordless segment what can be done is that the newer technology can be adopted. Higher voltages have not been tapped by organizations yet and Smith & White should make use of this opportunity. We should start producing...


Because Smith & White is a huge organization, it should make itself efficient in adapting to the changes rapidly occurring. "The broader the range of communication channels, the better the overall information that individuals within the enterprise will receive" (Alan West).


The only weakness that Makatume faces is the low priced goods from China. As a preliminary step we should study the media strategy of our competitors.

'A competitor's media strategy reveals budget allocation, segmentation and targeting strategy, and selectivity and focus. From a tactical perspective, it can also be used to help a manager implement his/her own media plan. By knowing the competitor's media buy, media selection, frequency, reach, continuity, schedules, and flights, the manager can arrange his/her own media plan so that they do not coincide." (Wikepedia)

This way Makatume can get an insight on the Chinese competitors and we can plan accordingly. Makatume also needs to make use of cheap labor where cheap labor is available. The principle that Makatume should adopt is to provide cheaper yet good quality products and therefore the cost of manufacturing should be reduced.

Moreover any increase in the prices of raw materials will…

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