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¶ … Organizational Behavior

There are a wide array of different organizational behavioral problems that are common in the workplace. These problems can exist in nearly every organization that is in operation -- even in some of the best run organizations in the world. There is no one way of leadership or management that can alleviate the problems with organizational behaviors that one might encounter in the workplace. There are however many best practices that a leader can try to implement into their team environments that can work as an inoculation to some of the more common organizational problems. One of the most common problems is communication. However, many other problems such as running effective meetings and designing fair and sustainable compensation packages are also among the top of the list. This paper will briefly introduce these issues as well as provide a short discussion of ways to mitigate some of these common problems.

Communication Problems

Effective communication is as much an art as it is a science. Communication is a difficult topic to study because it is so dynamic and subjective in nature. It can be hard to identify the factors that are responsible for good and/or bad communication styles. However, at the same time, effective communication is generally cited as one of the most important critical success factors in nearly every leadership models. Furthermore, there are many different types of communication styles and mediums that can be effective in different situations. There is no ideal style yet some styles are better than others.

One common problem within modern organizations...


People from different backgrounds or with different worldviews can have difficulty relating to each other in normal day-to-day conversations. This situation can cause some employees to actually avoid communicating with other employees who are diverse in one way or another. From situations like these, an in-group and out-group associations can form within the employee pool which results in a breakdown in communication. However, if leaders can work to facilitate communication and break-down these barriers it can actually serve as an organizational asset.

Some research has indicated that teams and organizations whose members are heterogeneous in meaningful ways, for example, in skill set, education, work experiences, perspectives on a problem, cultural orientation, and so forth, have a higher potential for innovation than teams whose members are homogeneous (Nelson, 2014). However, to achieve these advantages the team needs to learn to overcome their communication barriers. One tactic is to be an effective facilitator among groups or even designate official facilitators within groups to guide conversations. There can also be various team building exercises conduct to help teams become more cohesive and overcome barriers in communications more easily.

Effective Meetings

Holding effective meetings is another problem that is common within organizations. Many organizations can either hold too many or too few meetings. Furthermore, the meetings that they do hold can be basically useless in regards to furthering organizational objectives. Meetings can be expensive to hold in regards to their costs relative to the organization. Not only does it take away from the time available for the employees to…

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Nelson, B. (2014). The Data on Diversity. Communications on the ACM, 86-95.

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