Strategies For Success Walt Disney Marketing Plan

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Walt Disney's Marketing Mix/Strategies

Product and Service Strategy

The products offered by Walt Disney are much more tangible and services. These products have offered Walt Disney high awareness among many customers in the market. The products are designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of the customers in the diverse market. Walt Disney has gone ahead to customize all of its products under certain characteristics of the company. These characteristics help to differentiate and demarcate its products from those of other brands in the market (Deodhar, 2013).

Pricing Strategy

Prices of goods and services offered by Walt Disney are not low. Nonetheless, when one makes a comparison of the prices of products and services of Walt Disney and those of other competitor brands, he or she will realize that the prices are fair, with consideration of the quality and quantity of the products produced by Walt Disney. Pricing is a strategy that is essential in Walt Disney (McDaniel et al. 2014). Factors like quality determine the prices of goods and services. Walt Disney intends for all sort of customers to afford its products and services at any place in the


Such a scale of distribution has necessitated an expansion of the market under which Walt Disney operates. The parks and resorts have been placed in places that have a high influx of people such that many of them come to the familiarity with the brand (Deodhar, 2013). For instance, when one looks at the place where Walt Disney has placed its amusement parks, he or she will realize that they are strategic in nature and have worked to increase sales within the company. Some of the parks are placed in California and Florida together with Hong Kong, Tokyo and Paris (McDaniel et al. 2014).

Promotional strategy

Walt Disney Company knows that it has to take steps to promote its products and services. This area has fostered the success of Walt Disney in the market. During the low peaks of the year, Walt Disney values promotion as one way of keeping with the trusted customers in the market (Hubbard and Anthony, 2006). Walt Disney uses promotion strategies like low priced rooms, tickets with reduced and/or free prices,…

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