Strategy Mapping And The Learning And Growth Perspective Capstone Project

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Strategy Mapping & the Learning and Growth Perspective

Learning and growth is the fourth category of the balanced scorecard, which makes up the basis of any strategy. In this perspective, there is establishment of the employee capabilities, skills, technology, and a corporate environment to support a strategy. There are several objectives identified by Cattaraugus Rehabilitation Center Mission (CRCM) in an attempt to improve their learning and growth. These include (i) recruit, orient, manage, develop and retain personnel, (ii) Utilize technology to progress the organization's information systems and (iii) Promote, train and practice the organization's culture (Kaplan and Norton, 1992).





Recruit, orient, manage, develop and retain personnel

The turnover rates

Attract the best employees in an attempt to achieve sustainability

Develop a motivated and satisfied employee

Utilize technology...


Therefore, some objectives from the learning and growth perspective hold substantial influence on the other strategies and the overall mission and vision of the center. One objective from learning and growth is recruiting, orient, manage, develop, and retain personnel, which will result to the increase in the turnover rates. In relation to the financial objectives, this will assist in improving the productivity of the center by retaining the best employees. In turn, this will lead to high performance and increase the revenues. On the other hand, there is a link between customer satisfaction and financial results.

When customers feel that they received the best service, they will likely to return to the center, which is important in raising the revenues of the organization. Therefore, with employees who work as per the values of the organization, it is apparent that the services offered is the best and this will result to customers returning. In addition, the organization will retain only the best employees who will offer the best service to the customers. In so doing, they will encourage a good number of customers to come back. This will help the organization to…

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