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¶ … students transitioning from one school to another, the current research examines the subjective impressions of students as well as their academic performance outcomes. Student achievement is measured not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively, in terms of social performance and psychological well-being. This research takes into account academic performance, but also includes a small sample of students from a New Zealand public school who had recently transitioned.

Reasons for student transitions may be due to the family being in the military, family job shifts, or immigration. The stressors that moving entails can place psychological strains upon the student, thereby impacting well-being as well as academic performance. In particular, research shows that transitioning can lead to social vulnerability and reduced self-esteem. Because psychological and social well-being have been proven vital to student success, it is important to study the elements that make for a successful student transition. Schools aware of what creates a successful student transition can create supportive learning environments.

Because the concept of belongingness is important for the


The role of peer groups and student support networks in fostering belongingness is examined. Likewise, collaborative learning has had a long and proven track record of success in schools. Collaborative learning has been found to help transitioning students in particular, because the model offers social and emotional supports that directly impact academic performance as well. The leadership style of educators is another variable that can impact the effectiveness of a student's transition. Research shows that when teachers serve as strong leaders, they help their students transition and feel a sense of belonging in their new environment, thereby fostering self-esteem and improved academic performance.

The term "transition shock" is commonly used, especially with regard to students in military families but also in immigrant families. The goal of the current research is to help schools identify the factors that minimize transition shock, and also the variables that promote student success. There are four main variables in the current research. First is the examination of basic elements that contribute to the well-being of students. Second is the interrelationship between well-being and self-esteem. Third is the importance of collaboration for academic achievement. Finally, the fourth examines the reciprocal dynamics of these variables.

The sample was a non-random, purposive sample of students. From a school of about 1800 students in all,…

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