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¶ … conflict management styles. Some of which are meant to delay conflict, while others bring it to a resolution. These conflict management styles help organizations reach their goals. It also provides a better understanding of what an individual or groups concerns are. The first one is forcing. Forcing conflict management or more commonly referred to as competing is when a person firmly continues puruit of his/her own needs/concerns regardless of how the other person or persons is/are feeling or directing the conflict towards. Strategies involved in this kind of conflict management style is pushing one's own perspective at the expense of an individual or group. Another is strongly opposing or resisting another individual or group's actions. Examples of when to use "forcing" is when a quick decision is needed such as a life-threatening situation or when one needs to stand up for one's rights. These conflict style may negatively impact relationships as well as cause a person to exhaust a lot of energy.

Avoiding conflict management, or withdrawing, is when a person does not pursue his/her goals or concerns or even of those of the person opposing. This is an instance when a person does not address the conflict, but instead postpones,...


This may take place when something is trivial or when other issues take priority and must be handled. Usually people associated to or with dominating personalities practice avoidance because he/she knows they will not get what they want from initiating conflict. Withrdrawing is a low stress method but can lead to losing or weaking one's position.
Accommodating conflict management or smoothing, is when one addresses the concerns of others rather than him/herself in regards to conflict. This conflict management style may be useful when one is attempting to provide temporary relief or even buy time to collect resources or energy to push back or respond. This is also used in instances where it is trivial to one person vs. The other. This style allows for re-assessment of a situation, however it can lead to reduced confidence and risk of abuse.

Compromising conflict management is a balanced approach to conflict. It asks for both parties to accept a mutually beneficial solution that somewhat satifies both parties. This can be used when goals have moderate importance as well as provide temporary agreement on intricate issues. Advantages lend to faster resolution of issues as well as it is more practical…

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