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Sudden Infection of the Kidney

A young individual had an infection and within four day, his kidneys are not functioning, which has contributed to the need for kidney transplant for the individual who is currently on dialysis. This situation generates concern on whether a kidney infection can take place this first. Moreover, it is important to determine that caused the infection and rapid damage on the individual's kidneys. The identification of these various aspects would help in development of effective prevention and treatment measures for kidney failure.

Generally, there are several types of kidney infections and failures that are caused by various factors, which imply that it is possible for a kidney infection to cause rapid damage within a short period of time. A sudden and severe kidney infection that is characterized by significant damage within a short time period is known as acute pyelonephritis. Acute pyelonephritis usually causes the kidneys to swell and can result in permanent damage of these body organs, which can be life threatening. Therefore, the young person could have suffered from acute pyelonephritis, which made the kidneys not to function within four days. Actually, this condition or acute kidney failure takes place within a period of hours or days and is sometimes irreversible.

In essence, acute kidney failures that cause rapid damage and kidney function within hours or days is sometimes temporary or permanent. In a temporary condition, the normal functioning of the kidney may case study, the young individual suffered from a sudden permanent kidney disease that contributed to the need for kidney transplant. The need for the transplant demonstrates that the infection was irreversible or contributed to irreversible loss of kidney function. Similar to temporal kidney dysfunction, permanent loss of kidney function can take place within a short duration of time and have significant or irreversible effects on normal kidney functioning.

The determination of the major factors that contributed to the individual's rapid kidney infection and failure is relatively difficult since kidney disease tends to have no symptoms until a significant portion of the damage has taken place. However, permanent kidney failure or infection is attributed to various factors including hereditary factors or for unknown factors at any point within a person's life. Actually, the individual's permanent or irreversible kidney failure could have been brought by a sudden, severe or chronic attack or insult.…

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