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Nurses can frame a personalized clinical plan accordingly. The plan can empower the patient as well as his nurse. By using a family-centered model approach, the nurse can collaborate closely with the patient's family, who knows his temperament better (Ranger & Campbell-Yeo).

Clinical Case 1: Sciatica

Mrs. J. K, aged 42, has had stiffness and aching in the lumbar region when rising or sitting down for six now (Boger 1994). Her excruciating experience of throbbing, quivering, soreness, numbness and shooting pains through her right sciatic nerve confine her to be. She says she feels like lying on rocks with pain on the outside of her thigh. Her right calf hurts and her right sole burns when she stands. Her menses have become profuse. She also suffers from backache, itchy leucorrhea, disturbed sleep, easy fatigue, frequent thirst, hot flashes and lack of appetite. She is also often nervous, weepy and restless. Morning and evening, these are her sensations of pain (Boger).

Clinical Case 2: Venous Ulcers

A cross-sectional study on patients suffering from chronic venous ulcers found that pain reduced their overall quality of life (Park et al. 2008). The respondents were 40 outpatients in Sao Paulo, Brazil whose ages ranged from 39 to 69. More than half of them were women at 65%. The study used the McGill Pain Questionnaire in identifying pain characteristics of their illness. Severe pain was prevalent in 90% of them. It was described as sensory-discriminative and evaluative in quality. And it negatively and significantly affects their overall quality of life (Park et al.).

Most of the respondent experience severe pain, which they describe as sharp, tender, pricking, throbbing, sore, tugging and burning (Park et al. 2008). These words characterize neuropathic pain. The respondents then describe the nature of their pain as nagging, tiring, and annoying. The impairment of their overall physical, social and environmental quality of life was the consequence of other factors. These included monthly family income and the number and frequency of their ulcers or wounds. The study concluded that the qualities and intensity of pain in outpatients with chronic venous ulcers should be considered differently (Park et al.). #


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