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Promoting the benefits of the product is imperative to letting the audience become convinced that the Closure system is in fact the best solution to their problem; and that, aside from solving the core issue, it can do this in a means that is superior to that offered by alternatives.

The third thing to be included in addressing the customer base is that of presenting testimonials from people who used the Closure procedure in the past and can now vouch for its benefits. The company would generally call on past customers and ask them to give their testimonials on camera, so that they can be included in video commercials, and in writing, so that they can be integrated on the company website, in pamphlets, fliers or other means of communicating with the audience. The usage of testimonials form satisfied customers will further enhance the desire of prospective clients to cure their varicose veins with the Closure system, as they will see and hear how easy the procedures has been and what great results it retrieved.

Related to testimonials, it is also advisable to include those of medical doctors which worked with the Closure system in the past, have become convinced of its utility, and can now vouch for it. Hearing a medical doctor praise and recommend the system will help the customers make up their minds in favor of the Closure system. Following this line of thoughts, it could be useful to include the testimonials of IT specialists, vouching for the innovative and useful characteristics of the Closure technologies. What should however be remembered is that all testimonials should be brief and concise, so that they do not bore the audience.

Finally, the campaigns should address and answer any potential concerns or objections on the part of the consumer. An example of a question that could be found in the people's thoughts refers to the costs of the procedure. Since the VNUS Medical Technologies proposes an innovative, non-traditional way of curing varicose veins, what are the costs? The consumer might wonder if the basic medical insurance will cover the costs. And since this is the case in the United States, the marketing campaign should, beyond any doubt, state that the procedure is covered by medical insurance and it would not generate additional costs for the patient or the medical facility.

Assuming that the marketing campaign is constructed on the principles above, it is now important to consider some aspects of implementing the campaign, which would generically constitute of video, audio and written advertisements, promotions and demonstrations and communications with the public. Below are some points to be considered:

It is first necessary to identify the target audience; generally, this is constituted by the overweight population, by the senior citizens and by those who spend most of their time either standing or sitting. In Central California however, the target base is formed from senior citizens

It is then important to identify the best communications which appeal to the customer base; if statistics for instance show that the elderly use to watch a specific television channel or program, then the advertisements should be aired on those channels, during the commercial breaks of those programs

Offer promotional sales on the procedure and the equipment

Maintain open communication channels with the audience and thoroughly explain how the Closure system works and why it is the best alternative on the market; it is imperative to use common language so that the seniors understand what the company is trying to communicate

The managers at VNUS Medical Technologies should offer interviews in magazines and television programs (those that appeal to the customer base) and present the company in a credible and favorable light, and introduce the product that has numerous benefits and the ability to best serve the needs of the audience base.


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